Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book Review: The Girl in White Gloves by Kerri Maher

The Girl in White GlovesThe Girl in White Gloves by Kerri Maher

I was curious to learn about old Hollywood, but beyond that I wasn't sure what to expect. What I got was both more and less than what I was hoping for.

As far as characters go, this was not a big win for me. I'm not sure if it was the way things were written (third person, lots of telling) or Grace herself. She came across as too perfectly good, naive, meek, insecure, and depressed. I felt distant from her, and I'm not sure if it was the writing style or because Grace Kelly was a distant, naive, depressed, meek, goody two shoes (which rings true from what little I know of her). I think the answer is "both." The end result was that Grace wasn't a particularly fun or interesting person to follow, but over time I did develop a fondness for her even if I never shook a constant mild irritation.

What I did gain was insight into all sorts of interesting things. Grace's life allowed us to flit around learning tid bits here and there about acting styles, approaches, and training and how these differed on TV versus movies versus the stage. We got little bits of information about a ton of starlets of the era from Grace's fascinating insider/outsider perspective. We got to learn about Monaco and little bits of history (the book spans several decades). There's a lot here, and for me this was the highlight of the book and why I kept reading.

Overall, I'm glad I read this book and I'd check out what Kerri Maher puts out next. It's easy to read, steadily paced, and mild but interesting throughout. Kinda like Grace Kelly, I suppose.


  1. This book sort of broke my bubble about her fairytale princess life. Not so much...I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was.

    1. I remember being so disappointed when I discovered she didn't have a happy marriage.


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