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2012 Just Contemporary Reading Challenge

9/5 books

Challenge Basics:  

Name: 2012 Just Contemporary Reading Challenge
Hosts : Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing
Starts: January 1, 2012
Ends: December 31, 2012
Eligible Books: Read books that fall into the contemporary genre.
Levels: Two; I am going to try for the first level: Just read SOME contemporary books. I am going to make my personal goal 5.
Prizes? Yes, TBA
Link Your Reviews: Yes, weekly linkups will be available
Sign up page 

Why I'm Interested:  

I always say contemporary is so NOT my genre, and that's true. Very true.

Until I look at my TBR and realize I actually have a lot of contemporaries I want to read! So hopefully this challenge will help me get to them.

Some books I'm considering:

Books from my Contemporary Goodreads shelf.

I'd especially like to get to:

How to Take the Ex-Out of Ex-Boyfriend by Janette Rallison
Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday
Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Strohm
The Fourth Stall, Part II by Chris Rylander

Books Completed:

9. Legend of the Ghost Dog by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
8. All You Never Wanted by Adele Griffin
7. Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
6. The Classroom by Robin Mellom
5. Illyria by Elizabeth Hand
4. Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Strohm
3. Fetching by Kiera Stewart
2. Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters by Meredith Zeitlin
1. The Fourth Stall Part II by Chris Rylander

Have you signed up for this challenge? What books are you planning on reading? Do you have any suggestions that I absolutely MUST read? I like funny and romantic contemporaries.


  1. Oh my goodness!! :D I am so happy to see that you signed up! :) Especially since you don't really love Contemp! I'm more than happy to give you recs if you need any! :) And I SO hope you enjoy the books you do read!

  2. Yes! We shall bring you to the contemporary dark side!!! YAY

    I hope you enjoy this challenge!

  3. I don't mind reading contemporary fiction, although when I look at my reading records from the last few years it is remarkably absent for the most part.

  4. I signed up for this one though I'm reading a few more than you!

    I think you'd like the Perfect Chemistry Series by Simone Elkeles.
    Total bad boys trying to go straight.
    Anna and the French Kiss, too.

    Glad you signed up, but I think you can read more than 5!


  5. Ashley, I went back and forth so many times, because, yeah, contemp and me aren't exactly long time BFFs. :P I think it was your personal awesomeness that tipped me over onto the sign up side of things. I will definitely come to you for recs if I need them! I like funny contemps :)

    Alex, Haha, well, I like a lot of contemps you like, so I'll be paying extra close attention to your contemp reviews!

    Bookishhobbit, Yup, me too. I'm always more attracted by the historical and fantasy books.

    Heather, Hm, I did read Leaving Paradise, but it was sort of a middle of the road book for me. I've been back and forth on whether or not I want to try the Perfect Chemistry series. From what I've heard of Anna and the French Kiss, though, that one doesn't seem like the book for me (and then I'd have to hide in my bunker AGAIN because I'd have hoards of fans chasing me down!) :P I think I probably will end up reading more than five. I have a pretty decent number on my TBR shelf. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I didn't read Leaving Paradise and I've heard Return to Paradise ruins the first book, just not a good follow up. Did you read the Summer series by Jenny Han? That was good.
    I have a huge list of books on my post if you want to take a look. But there aren't any fairy tale retellings. But think of the Sarah Dessen books and Jennifer Echols Books. Oh wow, I just looked at your Good Reads TBR Contemps list. I saw a lot of books I want to add!! You should definitely be able to read more than five! You've got some great ones listed.

    Have you ever read Jellicoe Road? I haven't, but I'm really going to try this time. I've bought it three times and given it away. Ashley loves it and most people think it's so awesome, so I'm really going to try. Do you know of any MG contemps? Ashley said that would be okay. I've got both of the Fourth Stalls to read.


  7. Heather, Wow, your list is huge! You're going to have a contemp-filled year. I haven't read the Summer series or Jellico Road. I've heard Jellioce Road is something you have to stick with until the end before passing judgment though.

    Hm, middle grade contemps...well you already have The Fourth Stall (!)...have you read any of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life books? I'm not sure if they're YA or MG, but they're really sweet. I haven't read The Classroom but I have read Robin Mellom's debut Ditched and I loved that. I'll keep thinking!

  8. *Beams*

    Not gonna lie- Your reply just made my day :)

    As for Jellicoe Road- It is my personal favorite book. EVER. BUT. Even with how much I love it, I am not sure I would recommend it to you at this point. It's definitely a book that is one the... emotionally taxing end of the Contemp spectrum & from what I've seen in your reviews past, that's not your favorite thing to read about.

    But I'm MORE than happy to recommend books any time you need them :) It makes me SO happy that you are giving it a shot! I'll have to check out your GR list, let you know if there are any I think you should be reading NOW. :)

  9. Small- What about all those Theodosia ones. Are they fantasy?

    Maybe I'll leave Jellicoe Road for the end of my Contemps read. I know it seems like a lot but I read a lot of books this year and that's a little less than half of the books I read this year and I already have them on my shelves. So there's really no excuse.

    And I haven't even joined the libraries since we got back. I can join two county libraries mine, and the Charlotte one. So, there you go. I should be set! Anything I have you want to read, just let me know!


  10. I ADORE contemporary fiction. It is definitely my favourite so I read a lot anyway. I really look forward to reading your reviews on some contemporary to see what you think! Good luck with the challenge :D

  11. Well, at the beginning of 2011, I would have said contemporary would have been my favorite genre to read from, but then I found your blog.

    You made me realize, I don't really like contemporary books that much at all. In fact where my heart likes is with cute middle grade books, light fantasy, magic and yes, some historical fiction as long as it has an element of fantasy in it.

    So, again, I'm reluctant to sign up for this one, but yet I do have quite a few on my TBR which did sound really good. Maybe I'll give this one a try, but I'm very tentative.

  12. Ashley, :D I'm happy I did! I've heard that about Jellico Road. I sounds like something special, but it also sounds like the type of book where the moon and stars need to align for the reader just right. So basically I'm going to wait until it really calls to me and then I'll read it then.

    Heather, Oh no, Theodosia is set in the very early 1900s. And they have fantasy elements :P Thanks for the offer! Same from me, of course :)

    Alice, I know you do! I read all your contemporary reviews and make notes for myself. :)

    Gina, Aw, I am so happy to have played a part in connecting you with your new favorite genre :) Warms my heart! I think you should totally join this challenge! Ashley made is super laid back. You can choose how many books you want to strive for. So if you only want to choose two books, that's totally fine.


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