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WoW (43): Three books I'm dying to read

The "My gosh can 2013 hurry up and get here NOW?!" edition

Strands of Bronze and Gold
by Jane Nickerson

Release Date: March 12, 2013
Publisher: Knopf
Pages: 352
Goodreads Page

Did you already see this mentioned on Ruby's Reads? Well, I'm a book pusher, so I'm mentioning it again. But, really, with a plot like this, can you blame me?

A retelling of Bluebeard (don't know it? Think the creepier side of fairy tales...murder, rooms filled with dismembered wives, that sort of happy thing), Strands of Bronze and Gold is a Gothic (!) set in 1855 and follows 17-year old Sophia as she goes to live with her mysterious guardian in his haunted mansion, Wyndriven Abbey (it's named! Named houses = awesome times ahead).

by Kat Falls

Release Date: March 2013
Publisher: Scholastic

Goodreads Page

In a post-apocalyptic United States, the entire eastern part of the country is a ravaged wasteland filled with mutated creepies that could kill you...unless you begin mutating yourself! Suffice it to say, no one goes there.

Oh, wait, except a few daring people like our protagonist's father who ventures in to steal artifacts (gotta say, the little thief in me loves the idea of scavenging all those abandoned goodies. Sounds like Chernobyl.)

All is well until daddy gets himself into a pickle and his daughter Lane needs to bail him out. Which means she needs to team up with a hottie rogue of unknown loyalties from the wrong side of the tracks and venture into the mutated scaryland to go quest after some lost artifacts. YAY! I hope that giant machete in her hands is a sign of things to come, because questing + rogues + mutated beasties = SIGN ME UP!

by Maya Gold

Release Date: April 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 272
Goodreads Page

Witches! I have a weakness for witches. I even faithfully watched every single episode of The Secret Circle, and if you're at all familiar with that show, then you'll know that means my weakness for witches is pretty extreme to put up with that

But, moving on, I'm hoping the witches in Spellbinding are a little better and actually use their powers. Judging by the blurb, it sounds like I'll be able to get my fill of hijinks and spells gone awry through ill-advised love potions, hexes, and ancient spellbooks.

I also love the new-witch-learning-her-powers thing going on here. Maybe it's that, maybe it's the Salem connection, or maybe it's just the blond cover model and my own nostalgia kicking in, but I'm sorta getting a little Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibe, and I'm just dorky enough to cross my fingers and hope it's true!

What are you waiting for in 2013? 
Are you interested in reading any of these books?



  1. I'm really excited about Strands of Bronze and Gold too-I love fairy tale retellings and Blackbeard sounds like a different and exciting one!

  2. Inhuman sounds great!!! Is it YA? I love the big sword in her hands - looks like a kick ass heroine:)

  3. Oh my gosh I love The Secret Circle!! <3 I'll look out for Spellbinding! Thanks for posting!

    Here's my waiting on wednesday post.

  4. A Bluebeard retelling? I'm there. That is such a creepy fairytale! And I commend you for watching every episode of The Secret Circle. I got through about 10, but the boys just weren't as hot as they are on The Vampire Diaries ;-)

  5. A retelling of Bluebeard? I'm in! :) I don't really know the story and I've always been curious.

  6. I don't know if it still is, but STRANDS OF BRONZE AND GOLD was on Edelweiss recently! I have it on my nook to read closer to the new year...if I can wait!

    Oh, have you read KILL ME SOFTLY by Sarah Cross yet?

  7. OMG. Strands of Blond and Gold looks BRILLIANT. I can't even wait for that one. Great post Small! :D

  8. Adding Strands of Bronze and Gold and Inhuman to the TBR! Oh I also put myself through The Secret Circle too because I like witches, ugh a whole season I will never get back.

    My WoW

  9. I will have to add Strands of Bronze and Gold and Inhuman to my ever growing book list.
    Check out my WOW

  10. I think I added Strand of Blond and Gold to my wishlist yesterday. I love fairytales but I'm not actually familiar with the Bluebeard story so I'll need to brush up on that.

    I haven't heard of the other two but I'm looking forward to them now too. Witches are always fun to read about and I love girls who can kick butt.

    1. You can read the short original (Brothers Grimm)story of Bluebeard at:

  11. *grins*
    I love named houses too! they sound so grand!!!
    And that first book looks great, though I'm not sure the other two are for me :)

  12. I've never heard of the Bluebeard story until I read the first Fables graphic novel. So when I saw "Strand of Blond and Gold", I requested it immediately. Very excited!

  13. I'm already on board with Spellbinding. My witchiness goes back to Bewitched. And I love Salem. This is the only book I have from NetGalley for next year. Trying not to go overboard too early. It's JULY! But that Bluebeard story sounds good and I like the machete in that girl's hand. Any girl looks good with a machete. Especially if she knows how to use it.

  14. I'm so shallow. When I saw the cover of Strand of Blond and Gold, I immediately thought, man, I want that girl's hair and her dress! :)

  15. I name everything, even my Christmas trees (Jesus), So named houses are a given. That's why I love Eva Ibbotson. Often the houses in her books are practically characters themselves.

  16. No,no let it go very slow. I still need to read so many books published this year..and well let's face it 2009. ;)

  17. I'm so excited for Strands of Bronze and Gold and Inhuman. Strands of Bronze and Gold sounds positively creepy! And rogues are always a plus in any book ;) And the MC looks totally badass with that nasty-looking sword. Ahhhhhh these two need to hurry up and come out! Great picks!

    All the best ♥
    Mackenzie @ Oh, For the Love of Books!

  18. I hadn't heard of Strands of Bronze and Gold before, but now I really want to read it! A Bluebeard retelling sounds unique!


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