Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tiny Reviews: A Reliable Wife and Just a Dog

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

Wow, well this book was a surprise! So, the back of the book makes it sound like a Gothicy thriller-romance and I had heard some extra juicy details about the lady's intentions that upped my interest to bursting. Plus, that pretty dress on the cover was calling my name.

You know what the blurb didn't prepare me for? Sex. Constant sexual musings with a creepy underlying ick. These weren't nice musings, either. Think more along the lines of creepy back and forth over hellfire and punishment for lusty, sinful desires.

Plus, the characters were pretty awful. 

That's what made me DNF. I then spoiled myself because I was still curious enough about what happened even if I couldn't actually bring myself to read it without getting the grossed out shivers. Based on those spoilers, it looks like I made the right call on the DNF.

Owned (but no longer!)
DNF on page 57

Just a Dog by Michael Gerard Baur

I was hoping this would be a heartwarming story about a family and their dog. Given that, I was prepared for a sad ending because for some reason books and movies can't feature a dog without doing something horribly sad at the end. I was prepared.

What I wasn't prepared for was all of the other sad and horrible things that happened in every single chapter. A rocky marriage, an attempted kidnapping, and all sorts of other domestic dreariness hovered in the background and put a really dark and adult spin on what I thought was supposed to be an uplifting story.

Plus, this is supposed to be a kid's book, but with all of those adult issues, I wouldn't give this book to kids. Just a Dog left me feeling unsettled and upset, which is definitely the opposite of what I was hoping for with this book.

ARC from the publisher
DNF on page 40 of 190


  1. I don't read a lot of adult fiction, but I like to keep a recommendation or two in my back pocket when people ask what adult fiction they should try. I read A Reliable Wife and enjoyed it, especially because I love historical mysteries with wildly unpredictable twists and scheming villains. But! I think you are so right about the sexual tone in the book. It is a bit creepy. The main character is so lonely and sad. It's hard to root for him. I chalked it up to adults liking to read books that are... well... adult.

  2. Yeah, I also didn't realize the level of smut in A Reliable Wife when I picked it up a few years ago. I was interested enough to see what happened but I don't remember liking the characters either. Sorry both of these were disappointments for you, Smalls. Hope your next reads are much better!


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