Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DNF Explanation: The Vanishing Island by Barry Wolverton

Read page 50 of 352  
Received: ARC from publisher

The Vanishing Island is the kind of book that is EXACTLY my kind of book. Middle grade adventuring, high seas, treasure hunts, maps, and mischief.

Plus, a cool cover, which never hurts.

So why the DNF? I'm kinda puzzled myself. There was just a something that didn't work for me. Or, a bunch of little somethings that all added up to a disappointing no thanks.

I didn't connect with the main character. The idea of the vomitorium was off-putting, and not just for the puke, but just the...outlandishness of it all? I can be pretty picky when it comes to liking outlandish. And then there was the "too much time before adventuring started," (I quit at page 50 and we had only just gotten to the vomitorium) and you know how impatient I can be.

It got to the point where this felt like a chore to read, which is my cue to DNF. I definitely think it is a case of, "It's not you book, it's me," though, so check it out if it appeals to you. With a boy main character, The Vanishing Island also seems like it would appeal to both boy and girl readers.


  1. I downloaded a copy of this from Edelweiss months ago and I started reading it immediately but stopped at 10%. I meant to get back to it soon but I just didn't have the strength to read further until it expired. :(

  2. Disappointing! This does look as if it might have been fun!


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