Sunday, February 13, 2011

In My Mailbox (13)

In My Mailbox is a meme started by Kristi at The Story Siren with some inspiration from Alea of Pop Culture Junkie where we get to post about the books we receive each week through publishers/authors, our own purchases, contests won, and libraries.
The cute IMM button comes from Bewitched Bookworms.

For Review

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I started reading this book the other day and so far I'm enjoying it. I'm on page 122 of 304 and should have a review up later this month. I'm also reading this for the 2011 Debut Author Challenge. Putney has written a number of romance novels for adults, but this is her first YA book.

Big thanks to M. J. Putney and St. Martin's Press for this opportunity!

From the Library

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I finished The Iron Daughter earlier this month and luckily I won't have to wait long now to read the third book! I was on the fence in the first book, but after The Iron Daughter I'm a Team Puck girl. For those who have read The Iron Queen, will Puck have a decent bit of page time? He won't be (highlight if you've read the second book): recovering in a tree for half the book? So as not to spoil anyone who hasn't read the second book yet, just tell me, will I be happy? Oh, and by that I don't care about Meghan's feelings. I just want to read about him :) *Fingers crossed*
I'll have my reviews up for this series later this month and through March. I have to say, I'm loving the pink on this cover!

That's it for this week! I know, a tiny mailbox. I still have a ton of books from last week (and the week before). I actually showed restraint this week. Isn't that great? 

Or, you know, the books I ordered through inter-library loan just haven't arrived yet....but whatever, I'm ignoring that totally taking credit here.

What did you get in your mailbox (or on your library card or credit card)? 
Feel free to add your IMM links in your comments.


  1. *be's baffled* Team Puck? Team Puck????

    *shakes some sense into Smalls*

    Well, I guess I should judge. And that does leave me with more Ash.

    I'm totally looking forward to reading both of these too. Hope you have a good time with them.

  2. OOOh! Dark Mirror, everyone is getting them ^.^ cept me :(

  3. I'm on Team Ash and I think you'll be happy. Puck has always been awesome and The Iron Queen is no exception to that. I hope you enjoy -- I'll look forward to the verdict. ;)

  4. I have yet to read the Iron fey books (I have the first one..I might wait til I have the others to read it) I've heard good things about them though I need to hurry up and get the others. Have a good weekend!

  5. Yep, you did show restraint, although I'm sure you'll make up for that when your other books come. :D

    I've finally finished reading True Confessions and I've already written a book review. It was really great though I am now tearing my hair trying to find a copy of the sequel!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  6. Ooh, glad that you're enjoying Dark Mirror! Looking forward to reading your review. =)

  7. Great books! I love The Iron Queen. Happy reading :)

  8. The cover of Dark Mirror looks so shiny and just as beauitful in book form! It will look soo nice on your bookshelf. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on it. I haven't actually read any of the Iron Fey series yet but 've heard greta things about it. Enjoy :)

  9. I'm totally adding Dark Mirror at my TBR!
    Hope you like Iron Queen as well!

    My Mailbox:

  10. Great IMM, Dark Mirror looks so good! :) I've been meaning to read Iron King for awhile! :D Looks good, though! I like the cover for Iron Queen better though ;)
    Happy Reading!

  11. nver read any of the books in the Iron series, but I do agree with you - that pink cover IS pretty! Have fun reading!


  12. Dark Mirror looks so good!! =)
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it =)

  13. Wow both fabulous book! I have Iron Queen on my bookshelf and can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Dark Mirror.

    After your post yesterday and the mention of the like boxes under posts, I went to check it out and found it in the 'post' section of the template under the Design tab. I changed mine yesterday to add them in but for some reason they haven't shown up in my new post. Still working on that one, but they are there.

  14. I am a big fan of Putney's adult books and so I am very much looking forward to reading Dark Mirror. I also really like the Iron Fey series. Happy reading!

    My IMMs are here and here. Both are heavy with review books this week.

  15. I got the audiobook of Brideshead Revisited from the library, but only because it's narrated by Jeremy Irons.

  16. Great reads! I really liked Iron Queen. Puck gets plenty of page time, although I didn't pay as much attention b/c I'm Team Ash :-)
    My IMM

  17. Dark Mirror is certainly making the rounds this week, I can't wait to read that one. I'll definitely be looking for your review. And I adored The Iron Queen, but I'm Team Ash even though Puck is a fabulous character. Can't wait to see what you think!

  18. Missie, No, no, don’t shake sense into me. Here’s what we do silly: you take Ash, I’ll take Puck and we’ll just forget all about Meghan. :D

    Sniffly Kitty, Aw, well you got Entwined! :)

    Stephanie, Thanks for the info!

    Nina, Hehe, oh yes. If they ever come! I’m not very patient :P Thank you for the link to your review! I’ve been really looking forward to reading your thoughts about that book.

    Dazzling Mage, Should be up soon :)

    Nic, Oh good to hear about the Iron Queen! I had some other books I was planning on reading first, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait.

    Stephanie, It is very pretty in person :) I’m enjoying the Iron Fey series more than I would have thought. I never really liked fairy stories, but now I do!

    Yiota, I hope you like Dark Mirror! It comes out March 1st, so not too long of a wait!

    Maggie, Thanks! I like the cover for Iron Queen better too, but that’s because it’s pink :P They’re real fast reads and a lot of fun.

  19. Linds, Isn’t it? Harlequin Teen did a great job with packaging the Iron Fey books. Those pretty swirls on the covers are all over the chapter titles too. It’s very attractive.

    Books for Company, I’ll let you know!

    The Slowest Bookworm, You know, I don’t even remember what I said about the “like” boxes! Sorry! Thank you for updating me though. I looked into it and added a like button here now. I’m not sure I like it, but I’ll see. Thanks for the tip! I hope it shows up on your blog.

    Kathy, I was wondering about her adult books. I’m curious to see how her YA book compares. It does have a bit of a “this was written by an author who writes adult books” feel to it.

    Bookish Hobbit, MMMm Jeremy Irons narrating is reason enough!

    Alison, Yay! Thanks for the info :)

    Jenny, I thought I might see a bunch of Dark Mirrors this week :P I haven’t actually seen any yet, but I still have a lot of mailboxes to visit. I’ll be interested in seeing everyone’s reviews for it. I’m so happy to hear you loved The Iron Queen!

  20. The amount of restraint you've shown! I always end up with double the books I had planned on buying..

  21. Oh!! I hadn't connected who was the author of Dark Mirror! I have read her romance novels, they are quite good.
    I hope you enjoy it :D

    Happy reading!

  22. Oh I'm so very jealous Dark Mirror is one I really want to read. Will look forward to reading your review and thoughts.

    BTW did you request the ARC from the publisher or did you just end up getting it mailed to you and were surprised?

  23. You picked up 2 excellent books this week! I hope you enjoy =)

  24. Hey! Nice IMM. You're going to love the Iron Queen, and not just because there's more than enough page time as far as Puck's concerned!

    Happy Reading!

    Asher K.

  25. Hope you enjoy your books. Have a great week. Here's my IMM..

  26. I'm really looking forward to Waterfall and Dark Mirror, so I can't wait to see what you have to say about them.

    How is the emailing going with comments? Is it really time consuming on your end? I love getting the alerts and am curious about how hard it is to implement.

  27. Celine, :) So do I! I’m terrible. I cleared out an entire drawer of clothes just so I could make room for more books.

    Alex, Good to know! I’m curious about how her romance books compare to this one. The main character here doesn’t really “feel” like a YA.

    Gina, It’ll be out soon! And you might want to make sure you stop by here later this week ;) The publisher contacted me and asked. I haven’t gotten any mail surprises yet :)

    Casey, Awesome! Glad to hear you enjoyed both, especially since I know you’re Team Puck :D

    Asher, Score! Thank you for the info :)

    Henrietta, Thanks!

    Logan, I have my Waterfall review scheduled for March, but I’ll say now that I adored it! I would so go back in time and risk the plague for those men!

    Emailing isn’t too bad at all. As you’ve seen, I just copy and paste in a form response and a link to the post (which is already generated in my email alert and carries over when I hit reply). I’m sure there’s an automated way to do this, but I don’t know it! I’m glad to hear you like getting the alerts. I was wondering if people liked it or thought it was annoying.

  28. Dark Mirror looks really good! I had to add it to my to read list on Good Reads!


  29. Wow, all that e-mailing sounds like a lot of work! I had assumed it was automated.

    I have been meaning to read the Iron King forever, and it seems like I blinked, and suddenly it's a trilogy.

    Some of my interlibrary loans are taking ages and ages to arrive! Oh, well, it's not like I don't have a stack of ARCs at home to plow through.

  30. I LOVE the Iron Fey series! In my opinion, The Iron Queen was the best book of the series. I hope you enjoy it :)

  31. Dark Mirror looks great. I can't wait to see what you think. :)

  32. Buried in Books, I hope you enjoy it! You won't have long to wait. :)

    Madigan, It's not that bad at all. I have the email mostly automated. I just need to hit "reply" It's a nice double check on my end to make sure I didn't miss replying to any comments.

    The Iron Fey books really were published very quickly it seems! I like that though. I'm a lot less likely to read a series if there are long waits between books.

    LOL! I hear you about the inter-library loans. I'm always so impatient, but it's not like I don't have anything to read! :P

    Tara, YES! I'm glad to hear that. I hope I feel the same way :)

    Cialina, You won't have to wait long :) I just got to a part in the middle where everything's suddenly changed! I'm very excited to see where things are going.

  33. Great Books! Love The Iron Queen-- hope you enjoy!

  34. Puck will be in the book, after Meghan erm... (I don't know if this is a spoiler) gets back to the Faerie world and starts her quest. He's not as prominent as the previous books though. More like the comedic relief.

  35. Enjoy Dark Mirror. It looks really good! I absolutely loved The Iron Queen!


  36. Simply Me, Good to hear! Thanks :)

    Need Tea, I don't consider that a spoiler. What else would they do? :P Too bad. I was hoping for more Puck time and less Tall, Dark, I'm Willing To Kill You.

    Kristina, Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed The Iron Queen.

  37. I'm waiting for Dark Mirror to get to me. I hope you like the rest of it and will be looking forward to your review.

    I finally got the Iron King. So excited to read them!
    Have a great week!

  38. I've yet to read The Iron Fae series - I don't know what I'm waiting for - but I think you're the one of the few Team Puck fans out there :)

  39. Jessica, I hope you enjoy Dark Mirror when it arrives :) Yay for The Iron King! I'll be keeping an eye out for your reviews.

    A Canadian Girl, I was a hold out for a long time too. I never really liked fairy books, but these I like. There do seem to be a lot more Team Ash people, but that's fine with me. That just leaves me more Puck :)

  40. Yeah Team Puck!! There aren't enough of us out there :D

    And will be interested to see what you think of Dark Mirror - that one's on my list as well.

  41. Danya, Yay for Puck! No, there really aren't much of us. But that' fine. More for us :) I should have a review up for Dark Mirror on Saturday.

  42. Celine, :) So do I! I’m terrible. I cleared out an entire drawer of clothes just so I could make room for more books.

    I did exactly the same thing! All of my underwear and socks is in a box under my bed now, just because I couldn't put my poor books in that box. Now they have a nice and cosy spot in my drawers (:

    The measures we take to be able to keep buying books..

  43. Celine, LOL! This is why I love book bloggers. When everyone else looks at me like I'm crazy, book bloggers totally get it. :)


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