Sunday, July 3, 2011

In My Mailbox (22)

In My Mailbox is a meme started by Kristi at The Story Siren with some inspiration from Alea of Pop Culture Junkie where we get to post about the books we receive each week through publishers/authors, our own purchases, contests won, and libraries.

This mailbox is for the past two weeks. 

For Review

I've already read Ward Against Death and I liked it! Definitely has more of an adult feel to it and it's a little rough around the edges, but I'm hooked and already looking forward to the sequel.

Tris & Izzie is a retelling of the Tristan and Isolde myth. I'm a sucker for all things Arthurian, so this is a must read for me.

Ashes is a post-apocalyptic book. My one great hope of all post-apocalyptic books is that I'll get a main character who actually does smart things when it comes to survival. I've heard it has a great first half and then takes a turn for the worse, so I'm a little nervous now. Anyone read this one yet? What did you think?

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Can you hear my squeals of joy? I adored Lauren's books The Twin's Daughter and The Education of Bet. I'm also a huge fan of Little Women (especially that 1994 movie version) and, as you know, time travel. So I just about died when I heard Lauren was writing a book about a girl who gets sucked into the world of Little Women. HUGE thanks to Lauren for sending me a copy!

Thank you Entangled Publishing, EgmontUSA, NetGalley, and Lauren Baratz-Logsted!

From the Library

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Sleeping Beauty, the One Who Took the Really Long Nap by Wendy Mass

I read the first book in the Twice Upon a Time series (Rapunzel, the One With All the Hair) and liked it a lot. They're really funny MG fairy tale retellings. Fans of Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles would probably like this series.


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Box of JOY
Thank you Kristi @ The Book Faery!

Kristi was having a nightmare of computer problems, so what did she do? She held an incredible giveaway! Talk about being a sweetheart. Lucky me, I was one of the winners who received an Amazon gift card. After a lot of careful (read: obsessively anal) planning and searching through the bargain books to make sure I got the best deals and my favorite books, here's what I bought:

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
I adore this book! Yelena is strong and vibrant, Valek had my heart from his very first entrance, and the action never stops. This is one of those books where I always want to pick it up and reread my favorite scenes, and now that I have my very own copy I can do just that! I could have gotten a slightly cheaper version, but I love this cover so, so much that I splurged for it.

The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose by Mary Hooper
After I featured this one on a No More Waiting post, Stephanie--my historical fiction go-to friend--from Books are a Girls Best Friend commented on how much she enjoyed it. When I saw it was still on sale (less than four dollars for a hardback!) I decided to order a copy.

The Thirteenth Princess by Diane Zahler
I'm a sucker for a good fairy tale retelling and a pretty cover, so this book was already firmly established on my TBR. It was the interview Diane did on Ashley's blog Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing during her Fairy Tale Fortnight event that cinched the deal. I loved her voice and figured that if it was that much fun reading her interview, imagine what her books must be like? The fact that this was a significantly discounted bargain book and in hardcover was the final nudge I needed.

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale
I didn't love The Book of a Thousand Days and I ended up DNF-ing Princess Academy after about 50 pages because I just wasn't feeling it. But....maybe the third time's the charm? So many people adore this book and, really, it's a fairy tale retelling so I should love it too. At a heavily discounted bargain book price, I decided to give it a shot.

Witch Dreams by Vivian Vande Velde
Vivian Vande Velde is one of my top favorite authors ever. Her books are always short, sweet, funny, sarcastic, include a touch of romance, twists I rarely predict, and pack an emotional punch. This story is no exception. Another bargain book!

Plain Kate by Erin Bow
I loved this book sooooo much. My review will be posted later this month, but if you're a fan of fairy tales, then definitely pick this original tale up.

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George
Jessica Day George is one of my go-to authors when I want a light and sweet fantasy with a touch of romance. That's exactly what this book is and I love it.

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I also won a copy through Armchair BEA of Nice Shot, Cupid by Kate McMullan from the middle grade Myth-O-Mania series. The series takes classic Greek myths and retells them with a humorous spin with Hades as the narrator.

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What did you get this week? Has anyone read any of these books yet? Did you like them? 
Feel free to comment with links to your mailboxes or your reviews of these books!


  1. What a great haul this week for you. I hope you enjoy your purchases. I too won a gift card to amazon. I can't wait to pick my books.

  2. Oh! You got some awesome books this week.
    I hope Little Women and Me is good because I really want to read that one!

    And I got Tris and IZzie too (from netgalley) and I can't wait to read it! :D I'm a sucker for Arthurian stuff too!

  3. oh looks like some good books you got this week. Ashes looks good after reading enclave I'm kind of in the mood for some other dystopians which is weird cause I usually don't like them.

  4. Great stack of books! And congrats on your awesome winnings. I can't wait to hear what you think of Little Women and Me.

  5. Congrats on all of those wins! Really great books and I'm also excited for Tris and Izzie :) Enjoy!

  6. Lots of lovely new books! I'm glad you got hold of The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose- thanks for linking to me :) That was a bargain price you got it at- I hope you enjoy it. I read the Goose Girl last year and it's written in a different style than other retellings I've read but I liked it. I've got the companion books on my shelf waiting to be read. I'm looking forward to reading what you think about Little Women and Me!

  7. Wow, congratulations on all those wins! You did well this week :D

    Ashes looks interesting. It has a very weird cover. I love weird covers!

  8. The cover of Little Women and me it's fantastic!!! Hahaha!

    Splash of our Worlds Mailbox

  9. Even though this was over two weeks, you still got quite a bit lol. Enjoy :)

    Here's mine:

  10. Tris & Izzie is SUPER popular this week! And wow, you won SO many books!!! I've been wanting to read Plain Kate for so long now! Enjoy.

  11. Great set! So jealous that you got Little Women and Me. I can't wait to read Tris and Izzie too.
    My IMM

  12. Thanks for visiting mine and can I just say wow what a haul :)

  13. umm, wow! That's a TON of awesome books hehe. You have lots of reading to do lol.

    My IMM is here:

  14. Wow huge haul this week!
    Everyone has been telling me to read Poison Study but I haven't yet :/
    Enjoy your books :D
    New follower

  15. Ooh, I like the cover for Little Women & Me. And omg, Tris & Izzie!! I loveeee! =D

  16. Wow, awesome mailbox! I am really looking forward to reading Tris and Izzie, I hope it's good! Congrats on your win!

  17. O MY GOSH that mailbox is epic. Going to add a few bits to my list :D Happy reading

  18. Ugh I've wanted Tris & Izzie for the longest time! I love their tale and definitely want to read this adaption. Hope you enjoy it, and great books this week!

    PS: I hope Ashes is good. That's also been on my to-read list for a while.

  19. Holy mail box of awesome? That is some fantastic looking books, especially Ashes. Enjoy them all

  20. Awesome books!!! I got Tris and Izzie too - going to read it next.
    I love Lauren Baratz-Logsted's books too - already pre-ordered Little Women and Me.
    Happy reading.

  21. Awesome IMM, the Poison Study series sounds good, I definitely need to pick that up soon :) Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!

  22. Wow Awesome IMM :D You're really lucky! Congrats on all your wins! I hope you enjoy all your books :D Happy reading!


    PS: Thank you for stopping by my blog :D

  23. I am sooooo happy you got some great books from my giveaway! That makes my week! When bad things happen you have to counteract them with good things-looks like mission accomplished!

    You've got some wonderful books! Have a great time reading!


  24. Great books! Little Women and Me looks SO cute. I hope you enjoy your amazing haul! Happy reading!

  25. Holy crud Small!! :D You got "Tris and Izzie"? Boy, am I excited to read that!

    "Little Women and Me" looks so adorable and may we just have a chat - 1994 version = best of all. Mostly because of who plays Laurie. Me? Biased? Never!

    And you have "Poison Study", "Eliza Rose", "The Thirteenth Princess", "The Goose Girl", and "Plain Kate"?!!! Wow. What a Mailbox!

    This was quite a fun post to read, btw. ;)

  26. A great haul! Awesome stuff... Happy reading :)
    Check out what's In My Mailbox

    Mia @ Gripped into Books

  27. Wow! You got Ward Against Death! I got an e-mail they put a hold on it because they received request overload. *stamps foot* I hope they reopen it! I got Tris & Izzie. I peeked at it..but I'm not so sure I like the opening. It did not hook me. In fact it made me roll my eyes. Dreaded words: I hope it gets better. The cover is gorgeous lol I'm starting to wonder if some of the books have gorgeous covers to hide the not-so-great inside. I hope you enjoy your books :)

  28. I love the Tris and Izzie cover. Have fun with all the great books!

  29. Yay for The Goose Girl! I hope you like it (and if you don't, at least you didn't pay a lot for it!) I enjoyed Book of a Thousand Days but prefer The Goose Girl, and I wasn't a big fan of Princess Academy (which feels like more of a MG read than YA, from what I recall.)

    Also, I love that ARC cover of Little Women and Me (although it's kinda creepy in a way!)

  30. Gina, Congrats!! I can’t wait to see what you buy. You’re so thrifty :)

    Alex, I loved Little Women and Me! You definitely need to be ok with poking fun at the original. I’ve now heard some bad things about Tris and Izzie, but I hope we like it!

    AngelicNytmare, Me too! I haven’t been loving a lot of the dystopians out there lately, but Enclave totally put me in the mood.

    Nic, Thanks! I loved Little Women and Me! I’m going to try to have my review up later this month.

    Vy, Thank you!

    Stephanie, Did your copy of Eliza Rose have really big font? This one is super huge. I even checked to see if I had mistakenly ordered a large type version, but it’s not. I loved Little Women and Me!

    The Slowest Bookworm, Thank you! The cover of Ashes freaks me out! It looks scary.

    Yiota, it’s a new cover, but I’m not sure which cover will be on the official version. I like them both.

    Steph, Luckily I’ve slacked off with all my library books :P

    Cialina, It really is very popular. Probably because you don’t even have to wait to be approved. You’ll just be auto-approved if you request it. I hope you love Plain Kate as much as I did!

  31. Alison, I’m really curious about Tris and Izzie. I hope I fall into the category of people who liked it.

    Jessica, You’re welcome :)

    The Book Angel, I really do! Luckily I’ve read about half of them already :)

    A Story Untold, Totally read Poison Study! I loved it so much. It also wrapped up well as a standalone. Thank you for following :)

    Dazzling Mage, Me too!!

    Christy, Thanks! I hope T&I is good too. I’ve heard some pretty mixed reviews.

    Book Angel Emma, Hope you enjoy what you add :)

    Lauren, You can get Tris and Izzie through NetGalley! You don’t even need to be approved.

    Erica, haha thanks :)

    Sally, I loved Little Women and Me! Hope you do too :)

    April X, I haven’t read the other books in the series, but I love Poison Study. I definitely recommend it.

    Lilie, Thanks!

    Kristi, Aw, Thank you so much again!! You are the sweetest ever :)Mission totally accomplished.

    Jenny, It was really cute, and funny!

    Sierra, You can download Tris and Izzie from NetGalley! It’s set to auto-approve, too. 1994 version is totally the best one!! Ah, Christian Bale *swoon* :P

    Mia, Thanks!

    Julie, I think the Ward Against Death publisher only gives out galleys to the first 100 requests. I must have been one of the first because I refreshed the page and there it was. I liked it! It’s a little rough, but I’ll definitely be reading the sequel. I’ve read some really bad reviews for Tris and Izzie so now I’m kinda nervous. I hope I’m one of the people who loves it. The cover really is beautiful, but I think you might be onto something :P

    Alyssa, Me too! Thanks :)

    Danya, I know, at least if I don’t like The Goose Girl it was really cheap. It seems to be her most well-loved book and I read the first few pages and liked them, so I have a good feeling, I hope! I can’t decide whether I prefer the ARC cover of LW&M or the old cover. They’re both nice in their own way, but I think this one shows the humor a little more.

  32. Someone was just telling me Plain Kate is amazing. Nice mailbox!!!

  33. No, I have the paperpack copy of Eliza Rose and it has normal size font. That's strange- I hope it doesn't affect your reading experience too much. Glad to hear you loved Little Women and Me!


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