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New Feature: If I like this...

...then I might like...

I love those things on Goodreads and Amazon where they suggest books that you might like if you also like the featured book. 

But...they aren't always accurate, and some things I want are a little too specific for a general computer program to find (like, um, how do I do a search for "Hot guys like Wayland North"??)

So that's where this feature comes in. Who better to give book recommendations than actual people who read and enjoy similar books? Nothing makes my TBR grow like YOU do!

Sometimes I may call on you for recommendations that are like a specific book I've read and loved, but other times I may ask for less concrete things like "books with characters like X" or "books with witches," etc. Sometimes I may even offer YOU suggestions!

So, what do you think? Are you up for it? Suggestions to improve this feature are, as always, TOTALLY welcome!

Featured Book:

Who is the recommendation for?

This time I'm actually asking for one of my 12 year old library patrons. She inspired this feature, so it seems fitting to me to kick off the first post by searching for a recommendation for her. She gave me an adorable thank you card for introducing her to the series, and after blinking back my tears of joy I vowed to help her find more books like this. 

More of this, please:

The most I could get from her was that she loved "Everything about it!" I haven't read these books yet, so I'm having trouble deducing what it is she probably wants. Looking at her reading choices, it seems like she prefers paranormal books with PG romance. I also get the impression that these books are fun and upbeat, so maybe something with a similar tone?

She also really liked The Vampire Stalker by Allison van Diepen and I So Don't Do Spooky by Barrie Summy

But not this:

She is 12 years old, so please keep that in mind when making suggestions (both for reading level and mature topics). She isn't really drawn to fantasy or contemporary "issues" books.

She did not like Ally Carter's Heist Society. I'm not sure why (haven't read that one either!), but she DNF-ed very early on.

So what do you think, can you help me find more books like this? Is there anything YOU'RE looking for?


  1. Humm I dont remember the Ghost and the Goth having anything bad in it and they were funny and light..I loved them they are by Stacey Kade and I just read Dont expect Magic by Kathy McCullough it was kind of written for the younger set I think but it was cute. You might check those out

  2. I'm not 100% sure this would be a good fit but the first thing that came to my mind was Lindsey Leavitt's Princess for Hire books. I've only read the first book in the Gallagher Girls series and it was a while ago but there's a lightness in both, I think.

  3. Yuck, I dislike Heist Society too. Not to mention the trolls that attacked my review later on GoodReads. Whatever.

    If she's 12, maybe she could try Tamora Pierce's Alanna series. I've never read it but I heard it's awesome. You could get her to read Drink, Slay, Love. It's a light-hearted, humorous kind of YA paranormal/vampire book.

  4. I wasn't a huge fan of Heist Society either. I liked it but not like Gallagher Girls.
    Hmmm...Kat Incorrigible? I'm trying to think of similar young YA or middle grade novels. I'd suggest Once a Witch but I think there's too much gratuitous alcohol use in there for a 12 year old.
    Oh! I've got a few. Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. And Noel Streatfield's books.
    I didn't realize you work for a library.

  5. Love Bookworm's suggestion of Princess For Hire. A must.

  6. That is a awesome Feature and a fantastic idea! I also love to browse what amazon or goodreads has on store for me, and often I find new books I haven't seen before!

    And I have a great suggestion:
    The The Dark Elite YA series from Chloe Neil: There are paranormal elements and the characters are fantastic, there is also a light tone since the two main girls are so much fun together! The third book just came out! :-)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oh, I agree with the suggestions for both Princess for Hire and Kate Incorrigible (from Bookworm and Alison respectively).

    I think I would add maybe Meg Cabot's Mediator series, I don't remember them having anything heavy or mature and they are very funny.

    And maybe You Wish by Mandy Hubbard? It's paranormal-ish, but fun and pretty the romance is pretty PG.

    And I'm totally with The Young Library Patron, I did finish Heist Society but it took me forever because I just didn't like main character, and I DNF-ed Uncommon Criminals.

  9. Tee, Ooh The Ghost and the Goth is a great suggestion! Thanks! I actually read those and didn't even think of them. Don't Expect Magic looks perfect!

    Booworm1858, I was thinking about those, but I wasn't sure if they were similar to the Gallagher Girls. Now I'll give them to her. Thanks!

    Krystle, haha aw, review attacks suck. Hm, I haven't read Tamora Pierce yet, but I think she's more fantasy than this girl likes. Drink, Slay, Love is exactly what she's looking for though. Thank you!

    Alison, Hm, I was thinking of Kat Incorrigible, but I don't think she wants something that isn't in a modern setting. Still, I think I'll offer it to her (partially because *I* love it so much!) The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate looks like it may be historical too? I want to read that one for myself though. Once a Witch is exactly the type of book she's looking for, but I agree, it is a little too old for her now.

    Danny, Thank you! I've seen those books around but I didn't know anything about them. Perfect, thank you!

    Alex, Yes! I gave her Mediator and the 1-800 Where are You series. She just returned the first Mediator book and the second 1-800 book. You Wish is perfect! Thank you! I read that one but I forgot about it.

  10. That's so interesting! I DNFed Gallagher Girls because I thought the premise was just silly but I loved Heist Society!

    Ok, reccomendations and yes, I totally sound like a librarian. :D

    -I second Alex with the Mediator series.

    -Kiss Me, Kill Me by Laurie Henderson: a teen is accused of killing her crush by kissing him. Cute, PG, British. There's three books in the series and all of them are out now.

    -Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe- another amateurish girl detective

    -Kiki Strikes by Kirsten Miller (also a series)

    ALA's got a list of mysteries that you might find helpful too:

  11. You could suggest the Monster High series by Lisi Harrison, it has paranormal & romance elements, and the overall tone of the book is humorous.

  12. Rummanah, I love it when you sound like a librarian :) I've got her started on the Mediator series and the 1-800 Where Are You series (she doesn't like the Princess Diaries at all though). Kiss Me, Kill Me sounds cute. I don't think I'm familiar with the other two, but the names are ringing a bell. I'll check them out, thanks so much!

    Aliyah, Oh that's perfect! I forgot about those. Thank you!

  13. You MUST recommend Kiki Strike - they are, bar none, the most similar thing I can think of to The Gallagher Girls.

    Both series are about girls who are posing as regular kids, but in fact are training to be super spies.

    Gallagher Girls takes place in a boarding school; Kiki Strike takes place in New York City.

  14. This is a fantastic new feature! I like to recommend Marlene Perez's Dead Is...series. It's squeaky clean paranormal with a bit of mystery. How about Rosemary Clement-Moore? Her characters are all older teens, but I think they are pretty clean reads too. I love Calpurnia Tate! How about old school spies? I love The Agency series. I believe author is Y.S. Lee. Victorian era mysteries starring a teenage spy. Wow about the Drake Chronicles? Maybe a little too steamy? Rambling now...
    Oh, I love this game!

  15. This is a fantastic feature. Love it, love it!

    I haven't read these books, but Hex Hall sprang to mind as my recommendation. It has a paranormal element, has a lot of fun times, a sparky, snarky protagonist and is age-appropriate for a twelve year old.

  16. Great feature! Sounds like most of these are very good suggestions. I'm going to throw Princess Academy by Shannon Hale in, even though it's fantasy and not similar in plot at all, just cause it has a very sweet romance.

    Of course, there are other "I So Don't Do" books in that series too.

  17. Love the new feature! Plus, I never realized you were a Brightly Woven fan until now. WOO!!!!! I keep hoping that we'll get a book 2.

  18. You are all so awesome! Thank you so much for all of these great suggestions. You're going to make me look so cool at work :P

    Madigan, Oh excellent! I will get Kiki Strike for her for sure then. Thank you!

    Rocky River Teen Librarian, Thank you! Feel free to use it if you'd like (and I'd love it if you linked back). Thank you for all of those awesome recommendations! I'm noting every one of them down.

    Leanna, I'm so glad this feature is such a hit! Oooh yes! Hex Hall would be perfect! Thanks for reminding me.

    Melissa, THank you! So far I've gotten her four books in the "I So Don't Do" series. That's all I found--do you know if there are more? I think Princess Academy may be too fantasy for her taste, but I'll show her and let her decide. Thank you!

    Natalie, I'm so glad you do! OHMYGOSHYES I ADORE Brightly Woven. Special Shelf, sleep with it under my pillow, hold it while mumbling "preccciiiouusss" that kind of love. :P I really, really hope she writes a sequel.

  19. This seems like a great feature. I'm excited to see more. Good idea, Small!

    I second the idea mentioned earlier of Kiki Strike. I haven't read the Gallagher Girls series, but from the impression I get, Kiki Strike seems a perfect fit.

    1. I'm happy you like it! :)

      I am totally ordering Kiki Strike now. We don't have it in my library, but I can get it!

  20. I don't know if anyone has already said it, but Paranormalcy by Kiersten White. It's YA, but I just gave it to my 12 niece to read and she really loves it. It's totally PG and super fun and upbeat as Kiersten White's humor is off the charts funny!

    1. Oooh no, Paranormalcy hasn't been suggested yet, but that's a great idea! Kiersten White always keeps things clean, too. Perfect! Thank you!

  21. I can't give any recommendations, but this is a great idea, Small!


    1. I'm totally rolling in recommendations now, so no worries! I'm glad you like the feature :D

  22. A few more ideas: Secrets of my Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita and The Daughters series by Joanna Philbin. Also love the Mother Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick.

    1. I gave her the Secrets of My Hollywood Life and she liked it, but she didn't love it. She really wants those paranormal elements.

      I think I'll check out the Mother Daughter Book Club for myself though (and I already have the Daughters series on my TBR because of you! :D )

  23. How about Eighth Grade Bites or Cinda Williams Chima's Warrior Heir series - if she doesn't mind a boy POV? Also the Caster Chronicles series (Beautiful Creatures)?

    1. Alison, you are awesome. :) Can I borrow you for my library?

      I haven't read any of those. The Eighth Grade Bites series sounds perfect. I'm going to get those for her too. I thought the Cinda Williams Chima series was more straight up fantasy? I haven't read them though (on my TBR though!). The Caster Chronicles seems like the right genre. How are they on maturity level?

    2. The Warrior Heir series is about a boy who discovers he's a wizard. Sound familiar? Quite different really, but mixes normal life and fantasy. Chima's other series is more straight fantasy.

      I can't remember exacts of Caster Chronicles but I think it's pretty good on maturity level - nothing really inappropriate that I can think of for a 12 year old. It's a bit slow though.

  24. Ooh, what an awesome feature!! (though I have a feeling my TBR pile won't like it)

    The Gallagher Girls series sounds like so much fun & have been on my to-read list for ages. Although it's not a paranormal series, I found the Enola Holmes series to be adorable and absolutely fantastic! Sherlock's 14-year old sister! What could be better than that?


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