Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interview: Jessica Day George

Please Welcome Jessica Day George!

Jessica Day George is one of my favorite authors ever. Family, humor, sweet romance, fantasy mysteries, plucky heroines, and heartwarming friendships always make an appearance.

Princess Celie's adventures are no exception and I am over the moon in love with the latest installment Wednesdays in the Tower. Jessica was kind enough to stop by today to answer some of my questions

Q: If you were transported into your book, which scene would you most want to reenact?

A: There’s a part early on in WEDNESDAYS IN THE TOWER where something hatches out of an egg . . . that would be pretty awesome to watch!

Q: Which one of your character’s brains would you want to pick the most?

A: Bran!  He is the Royal Wizard, after all!

Q: Which scene do you think will surprise readers the most?

A: The ending of WEDNESDAYS IN THE TOWER.  Some pretty craaaaaazy stuff happens in that last chapter!

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give your main character?

A: Trust the Castle!  (But I think she knows that already!  She’s pretty together.)

Q: Which room in Castle Glower would you like to have in your own home?

A: There’s a room with a bouncy floor, like a private bounce house that would be awesome!

Readers should add WEDNESDAYS IN THE TOWER to their To Be Read list if they like...

Books about:
    adventure, magical creatures, ancient mysteries, siblings that actually get along, and very small dogs!

Books/movies like:
     Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Main characters like:
     Sofie from Howl’s Moving Castle, Beauty from Robin McKinley’s Beauty.

Romantic leads like:
     . . . er, there is a cute young blacksmith, but . . . well, Celie’s a bit young for him!

About Wednesdays in the Tower:

A castle that is constantly rearranging itself, and a young royal family sworn to protect it... Celie, Rolf, and their beloved Castle Glower are back in this exciting sequel.

Strange things are afoot in Castle Glower: new rooms, corridors, and even stables keep arriving, even when they aren't needed. Celie's brother Bran, the new Royal Wizard, has his hands full cataloguing an entire storeroom full of exotic and highly dangerous weapons, while Celie has her hands full . . . raising the creature that hatches from a giant egg she finds! Will they be able to find out what's making the Castle behave this way in time?

Author bio:

Jessica Day George likes chocolate, knitting, books, travel, movies, dragons, horses, dogs, and her family. These are all things to keep in mind if you ever meet her. For instance, you could bring her chocolate to make the meeting go more smoothly. You could also talk about how adorable her children are, even if you have never seen them. You could discuss dog breeds (she has a Maltese named Pippin, and grew up with a poodle mix and a Brittany Spaniel). You could talk about Norway, and how it's the Greatest Place On Earth, and Germany, The Second Greatest Place On Earth. You could ask her about yarn, and indicate a willingness to learn to knit your own socks, if you can't already do so.

And, well, you could talk about books. Jessica's books, other people's books. It's really all about the books. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, Friends, family, school, they were just obstacles in the way of getting more books.

She would like it if books came with chocolate to eat while reading them.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Jessica!

You can't see it, but I'm pretty much dying of happiness over here because I am so delighted to be able to host Jessica Day George! Is it not already clear how much I love her books? They're total comfort reads. Like the book form of hot chocolate or fuzzy sweaters or puppies.

I also have to agree with Jessica on a bunch of her answers. Her books totally remind me of Howl's Moving Castle and the Enchanted Forest Chronicles books (though I think I like Jessica's books the best).

Also, I would LOVE to pick Bran's brain (he's a wizard AND he's super nice AND he gets to spend a lot of time sorting through all kinds of magical objects in a really awesome room), but I'd also love to spend some time chatting with a certain cute young blacksmith (his true professional field is squee-out-loud perfect).

The bouncy floor room sounds really fun, but I love the sound of the room Bran is exploring. Ooh, and the room of cloth. Though some of the tower rooms sound so peaceful and perfect for reading. Which, wow, I can't even begin to imagine the library possibilities of a castle that accommodates your wishes!  

Have you read Wednesdays in the Tower?
How would you answer these questions?

If you lived in a castle that created new rooms all the time, what type of room would you want to explore?
(Remember, no spoilers please!)


  1. Great interview! I really enjoyed Tuesdays at the Castle. Trust the castle is definitely good advice.

    1. very good advice for sure. I'd have trouble following it though. I'm too impatient for the "trust the wisdom of elders" type of advice :P

  2. This sounds like such a cute read...and of course I'd want a library that contantly grew and included new books every day!!!

    1. wouldn't that be awesome!! Not only would there be more books all the time, but you'd never have to worry about where to put them! I could buy all the books I wanted and my husband couldn't look at me and say, "Now where are you going to PUT them?!" hehe

  3. Oh, a sequel! Thanks for sharing! Great interview.

    1. It's a great sequel, too! Glad you enjoyed the interview. :)

  4. Great post you've got me interested, but is this book two? If so what's book one called?

    1. Yes, this is book two. Book one is Tuesdays at the Castle, and I think you'd enjoy them both :)

  5. SOMEONE HATCHES OUT OF AN EGG? That is awesome! I haven't read this author yet but keep meaning, too--and I think this guest post has just cinched it. ;) Thanks for the fun interview!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Yes! Someone awesome, too ;) Oh my gosh, you haven't read Jessica Day George yet?!?! You must you must! I highly recommend starting with either Princess of the Midnight Ball or Dragon Slippers. I love them both, but you might like PotMB a little better. They're both first in a series, but both can be read just fine as standalones.


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