Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book Review: Maid of Wonder by Jennifer McGowan

Maid of Wonder by Jennifer McGowan
Pages: 336
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Released: September 15, 2015
Received: ARC from publisher, via Edelweiss
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The first two books in this series, Maid of Secrets and Maid of Deception, were much better than this book. But, I expected that. 

The first book follows Meg. I like Meg. She's feisty, theatrical, dramatic, and a super spy. The second book follows Beatrice. I like Beatrice. She's a mean girl with heart, and all the sass and sympathy that goes along with that. Both of their romances were swoony with great guys.

This third book follows Sophia. Sophia is a dishrag. She's meek, weak, and oh so boring. Her romance was weird and I still don't get it. Though, for a brief time there in the paranormal beyond world (that I also still don't understand) it was smoldering with potential.

The plot also felt like it wandered all over the place with no purpose. I know things happened, and if I try to recite events I can do it, and some events are actually even great, but I still can't shake this overwhelming feeling of nothing is happening, even though that isn't even true. I think it's just that I didn't care because whatever was happening was happening to Sophia and Sophia is boring.

Bottom line: Chalk this one up to me just disliking Sophia. I'm still excited to read the next book in the series (especially if it's Jane's book, because Jane is badass). 

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