Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Keep the Books Off the Shelf Challenge

Challenge Basics: 

Name: Keep the Books Off the Shelf Challenge
Hosts: Me!
Starts: January 1, 2019
Ends: December 31, 2019
Goal: 15 books
Eligible Books: Books you acquire in 2019

Why I'm Interested:  

I'm not sure if anyone is actually hosting a challenge like this, but it's a challenge I'm giving myself, again. Last year I read a ton off books I acquired in 2018, and rather than feel bad about neglecting my previously owned books, instead I felt like I was accomplishing something with every new book I acquired and read. And I was!

Every year I participate in the Read My Own Books Challenge where I try to read as many books I own as possible. Downside? Those challenges don't count books you acquire during the challenge year, and I think they should! Sure, I know the goal is to read all those books that have been languishing year after year, but what about preventative measures? I think those should be rewarded, too!

(I feel like a health insurance plan)

So, enter my challenge. I'm going to try to make a dent in the books I get in 2019 and therefore whittle down my mountain of books remaining unread on my shelves in 2020 (I can't believe I just wrote 2020...where is the time going?!).

Some books I'm considering: 

As many books from my Acquired 2019 shelf as possible. At the end of the year I'll compare how many books I acquired to how many books I've read from that list to see how well I've done. I'd like to shoot for reading/DNF-ing at least 15 books.

Books Completed:

42. Elizabeth the Great by Elizabeth Jenkins
41. The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowksi
40. 1536: The Year that Changed Henry VIII by Suzannah Lipscomb
39. The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett
38. The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim
37. The Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Whaton
36. The Ghost-Feeler by Edith Wharton
35. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
34. The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street by Karen White
33. The Orange Trees of Versailles by Annie Pietri
32. The Swap by Megan Shull
31. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
30. The Kiss of the Concubine by Judith Arnopp
29. The Sisters Mortland by Sally Beauman
28. A Little Bit of Buddha by Chad Mercree
27. The Case of the Gypsy Good-Bye by Nancy Springer
26. The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline by Nancy Springer
25. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan by Nancy Springer
24. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets by Nancy Springer
23. The Case of the Left-Handed Lady by Nancy Springer
22. The Case of the Missing Marquess by Nancy Springer
21. The Sacred River by Wendy Wallace
20. The Mozart Girl by Barbara Nickel
19. Always Emily by Michaela MacColl
18. Let's Move and The Show Must Go On by Courtney Shienmel and Bianca Turetsky
17. The Vanished Bride by Bella Ellis
16. The Poison Thread by Laura Purcel
15. The Ghost Tree by Barbara Erskine
14. Where I End and You Begin by Preston Norton
13. 104 Horses by Mandy Retzlaff
12. The Last Collection by Jeanne Mackin
11. Royal Flash by George MacDonald Fraser
10. Busy Body by Marion Chesney
9. Productivity Hacks by Emily Price
8. Henry VIII by Robert Lacey
7. There Goes the Bride by Marion Chesney
6. The Kings and Queens of England: A Tourist Guide by Jane Murray
5. A Spoonful of Poison by Marion Chesney
4. Remembrance by Jude Deveraux
3. Kissing Christmas Goodbye by Marion Chesney
2. Love, Lies, and Liquor by Marion Chesney
1. Dream More by Dolly Parton

Books DNF'ed: 


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