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Discussions are always open, so join in any time! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

     Bad situations bloggers encounter, and how to handle them

     Common negative feelings bloggers experience, and how to deal with them

     When you hate the book everyone else on the entire planet loves

     Methods and opinions about bloggers making money

     Five topics I wish authors would write about 

     For all those covers that make you wish you had an e-reader

     Reasons you'll stop reading a book

     Features that make you want to read a book

     Features that turn you off from reading a book

     How do you manage the blogs you read?

     My own fictional guy come to life

     What atmosphere should librarians be creating?
     Blogging mistakes

     Why it is important to always have more than one book on hand

     What do you say when people recommend a book you don't want to read?

     Do you play fast and loose with your genre categories or do you follow strict rules? 

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