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Cover Crazy (14): Vicious Little Darlings

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme hosted by Tawni at The Book Worms where a beautiful cover is featured each week for all of us to admire. I am going to use my Cover Crazy posts as an opportunity to review a book cover I love or review any cover (even the ones I don't love) from a book I've read. This week's Cover Crazy is for a cover I like for a book I haven't read yet:  

Vicious Little Darlings

The first thing I think of when I see this cover:  

Pretty Little Liars

The second thing I think: 


Erm, going back to the first, I really do think the strength of this book is the strong association to Pretty Little Liars. It’s ingenious, really. If I didn’t see the very tiny and easily overlooked author’s name at the top of the cover, I would totally think this was a new series written by Sara Shepard. Even knowing this isn’t written by Sara Shepard, I still can’t help but expect this book to be PLL with new characters…written by Sara Shepard.

This is a pretty plain cover and if it weren’t for the instant PLL connection, I’m not sure how interested I would be in reading this book. The hot pink is certainly eye-catching and I do like that it is tendrils of hair, but…is it enough? I’m not sure. I guess the reality is that it doesn’t matter. The PLL vibe is so strong they could have probably put a donkey on the cover and I’d read it expecting juicy lies and mean girl murders.

I do like how the hair makes me think of murder. First, it looks like a girl who has fallen because she’s, ah, well, dead. It also looks almost like how a drop of blood in water might look: slowly spiraling out into the water in smoke-like tendrils. This, combined with the word “vicious” gives this cover a sinister feel. The combination of sinister and hot girly pink really makes me think of PLL.

I also like the purple background. Black would have been the more common choice. That hot pink really would have popped against black, but black is just so…well, common. I think the cover wouldn’t stand out much among all the other YA books if they had gone with a black background. Dark purple, on the other hand, stands out. The pink still looks brilliant and the combination of purple and pink give an even girlier feel than pink and black alone.

The title font is great, except for those filled in spaces. I don’t really like that part of the title. The mass of hair at the top and the big, bold white letters at the bottom both help to draw my eye downward. This is another neat little trick to get you to look away from the author’s name. Very clever indeed.

What do you think about this cover? 
Do you like it? Dislike it? 
Does it make you want to read the book?

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  1. Its so funny, I didn't like the filled in letters either, they bug me!

    As for the cover, on my computer screen it looks muted. I just don't think there is enough going on. The locks of hair aren't enough for me to be sucked in. And... I've not read The Pretty Little Liars series, BUT I did read The Lying Game and LOVED it.

  2. I agree with you and Gina, I don't like the filled in letters. I like the idea they had going but for me the execution was a bit weak. It just doesn't draw me in BUT I must say I like the title! I really enjoyed reading your opinion... Thanks!

  3. I think it is okay but it doesn't really stand out. Maybe if the pink hair had been on a lighter background it might be better.

  4. I thought it was smoke when I first looked, but yes, it's definitely hair. This one really doesn't do it for me. I think it's too ... I don't know, a little sickly?

  5. I don't like the filled in letters either. To me, they look like huge blobs of nothing.

    I do like the pink hair though! Although it doesn't make me want to read the book. I think it's too bland, especially on the dark background.

  6. Gina, That is funny! We’re so aligned on so many things. I don’t love this cover either. It’s very plain.

    Lulu, I wonder how many people actually like the filled in letters. Makes me wonder why they went with those. I agree with you too about the title. The title/font are what initially attract me to this cover. Not much else.

    Nic, I agree, this one doesn’t stand out much at all. I think they really must be banking on Pretty Little Liars to sell this series.

    The Slowest Bookworm, I thought it was smoke too!

    Amber, Yup, exactly like blobs of nothing. It looks sloppy and distracting to me. I love the pink, but the overall package does seem lacking. You and Nic both mentioned the background. I like the purple, but maybe if they made it a little lighter?

  7. I like the cover but I would have liked a font with more flourishes.

    Is the book really like PLL? or just give the vibe? I was looking for a summary but didn't find one.

  8. Nice cover! I haven't heard of this book, but I'll have to check it out!!

  9. Alex, I think it's similar enough, but also different. Wealthy girls with secrets. The Goodreads summary even says fans of PLL will like this book. I haven't heard much buzz otherwise.

    Christy, Hope you like it! It looks like it comes out in June.

  10. I don't see the PLL connection personally. When I think of those, I think of barbies and neon colors. I'm iffy on the typography, though. The fat "o" reminds me of a full moon, which is cool, but the fat letters don't really suit the rest of the cover. I LOVE that "g," though! You're right, that hair DOES look like murder!

  11. I thought PLL the first time I saw this cover, too. Probably becomes it has the same ring to it and also has little in the title. Okay maybe I'm weird but I didn't know that was hair. I guess I thought it was tendrils of smoke. I like the colors of pink and purple. The text is cool and the white really stands out. This one is on my wishlist.

  12. A Backwards Story, I don't see the connection with the cover, but I do with the title. I love the G too! It just looks cool. Haha, glad it's not just me who sees murder with that hair! :P

    Julie, Yes, the is very reminiscent of PLL, especially with the "little" Nah, you're not weird. Both The Slowest Bookworm and myself thought it was smoke at first. It wasn't until I wrote up this post and really looked at the cover that I realized it was hair.

  13. Meh. Snooze. I would walk right past this one.

  14. With just a quick glance, I thought the hair was actually swirls of blood too! The when I looked closer I saw it was hair :3
    I'm not sure about the filled in letters either. It sort of has a sinister feel but also bugs me at the same time.
    I do like the cover though, and this is on my ptr!

  15. l like how much you think into a books cover, you are so thoughtful when you write these posts!
    l am the same, not sure if this cover is enough even though it is kind of pretty.

  16. yeah, it does nothing for me, but I think the typography is cool.

  17. I think you hit the nail on the head with your review of the cover. The filling in of the letters is kind of youngish. I can't tell the cover is dark purple from my computer but I'm sure it looks better than the black. Definitely has the PLL look going on.


  18. Thanks for commenting on my Delirium review! I read yours and commented back :) It's a relief to know there are some other people who weren't absolutely blown away by it...I saw so many 5-star reviews beforehand I was a little worried about writing and posting that review!

  19. I don't know if it's obvious enough. When I first looked at it, I just thought it was swirls of pink. I didn't even realize it was hair. But there's something to be said for subtlety.

  20. Hm. I don't know how I feel about this one. I definitely liked it better when I didn't know it was hair. But, honestly, the color grabs me. But, you're right, it's awfully bottom-heavy and I am, if nothing else, a fan of symmetry.

  21. Logan, Yup, I can see why. The pink might catch my eye, but if it wasn’t for that title and the PLL association I wouldn’t pay it any attention.

    Laura, Hm, I wonder how many people actually realize it’s hair the first time? I wonder if that was intentional or not. I do agree with you, the cover definitely has a sinister feel to it.

    BooksforCompany, Thank you! I agree. I just don’t think the cover alone is enough.

    Missie, It’s funny, so often it’s the picture that looks the best but this one doesn’t seem to do anything for anyone. It’s kind of weird that the font gets the most attention.

    Heather, Hm, good point about the filling in of the letters making it look youngish. I couldn’t put my finger on why exactly I didn’t like it, but I do agree with you now that you mention it. I hope the purple stands out more on the actual book.

    Danya, LOL I felt the same way when I read your review!

    Alison, You are right about subtlety, but I wonder if this cover takes that a little too far.

    Rubita, I like symmetry too! I wonder if they made it so bottom heavy to draw away from the author’s name. The color grabs me too, but I’m not sure how I feel about it being hair. I do think the fact that it is hair adds a level of creepiness.

  22. i'm a new GFC follower! love the blog and i'm excited to read more! this...cover...ROCKS!!!

    follow me?!

  23. I am loving the pink and purple tones of this cover. I also really like how you can only see the hair. Very interesting!


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