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Cover Crazy (15): The Faerie Ring

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme hosted by Tawni at The Book Worms where a beautiful cover is featured each week for all of us to admire. I am going to use my Cover Crazy posts as an opportunity to review a book cover I love or review any cover (even the ones I don't love) from a book I've read. This week's Cover Crazy is for a cover :  

The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton

This is the kind of cover where I run my hand across it while murmuring, trance-like, “Preeettttyy.” As far as I can tell, there aren’t any sparkles here, but there might as well be. Those flecks all over the cover remind me of sparkles or swirling snow. Whatever they are, they look magical.

Then there’s that ring! Like the necklace on the cover of Immortal, I’m reduced to single-minded glee whenever I see pretty jewelry. How nice would that ring look on my finger? I think I should have it. Maybe I could just reach into that cover and…no? That won’t work? Ok, then I guess I’ll have to settle for reading the book and vicariously wearing the ring.

Is it just me or do those light circles around the ring make it look even more magical and pretty? Unlike the Immortal cover, there is a person on this cover. Even with a person there, the ring is still the focus. This makes me think that the ring is really important and will somehow shape everything in this girl’s experiences in the story.

I want to know more about her. Is she good or evil? How does the ring relate to her? Is she a magic user of some sort? She is very ambiguous and I’m really curious to find out more about her. I also wonder, is this an evil ring and she’ll need to trek on over to Mordor? The ring glows red, which gives it an almost sinister vibe. The red glow spreads all the way over the girl’s fingers making me think that this poor girl is somehow at the mercy of this ring.

I also love the title font and swirls. I really need to add “pretty swirly things” to my list of cover features that make me swoon. I don’t know what it is about swirls, but I think they make covers about a million times prettier. Those dots are a nice touch.

The title also tells me a little more about the ring. It is a faerie ring, and faeries are often complicated beings. They’re rarely a species you can feel comfortable turning your back on. Add that to the red glow and this ring is starting to look a little scary. Like maybe I don’t quite want to wear it as much as I did. Ok, that’s a lie, I still totally want to wear it, but now I feel like if I do put it on I’m going to be inviting in a world of trouble!

Finally, you see that tattoo on her wrist? I don’t know what to make of that. Usually I don’t love tattoos on covers, but in this case I am wondering about its meaning. It’s pretty and swirly, but it’s also wrapped around her wrist. Is she somehow magically bound? Does it designate her as something special? I could take or leave the tattoo on the cover, but I have to admit I am curious now to read the book and find out the mark’s significance.

What do you think about this cover?
Do you like it? Dislike it? 
Does it make you want to read the book?

Interested in covers? 
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  1. That's a new-to-me cover. You're right. It's stunning. I like that the focus is on the ring and not the girl's face as in so many other covers.

  2. Good observations, and questions! I really like that ring too... *sigh* It`s a truly stunning cover :)

  3. I would never have noticed the tattoo! I have to agree with you about jewelry on covers. And swirly stuff. Those two are definite yeses for me. But I'm not a fan of the red glow, only because it makes her fingers look blistered to me. That just makes me wince.

  4. I'm in love with this cover, I think it's gorgeous! Most of the time, I think flourishes in the title fonts are overdone a bit, but I think this type treatment works nicely - there's not too much going on and it's nicely balanced the way the flourishes extend off either side of the cover. I'm with you on that ring, I want to wear it but the red does make me a bit wary. Can't wait to read this one!

  5. I love this cover and I am so wanting to read it.

  6. Oh pretty jewellery how can a girl resist. I definitely want to read this :)

  7. It is beautiful. I love how the focus is on the ring and the girl herself is a blur in the background. The font is very pretty too. Definitely one where the cover would make me pick the book up.

  8. l love this cover too!
    l didn't notice the tattoo but it must have some sort of meaning to be in the cover surely?! Great cover =)

  9. Wow, I didn't even notice the "tat" until you pointed it out. Great find and nice cover review. I really like this one a bunch too.

  10. I may have never noticed those tats if you hadn't pointed it out. hmmm...

    It would be a shame to read the book and find no mention of marks on the wrist.

  11. Good eye on the Tattoo. The font is beautiful on this. And you know with Faerie Ring, that could be the ring or the ring the faeries dance in. Or both. Maybe that ring keeps her safe, though the red does seem like a stop, do not go forward. Great cover. Now I have to find out what the book is about!


  12. Alison, I think it’s a fairly new cover. I like the focus too. I can almost pretend that I’m the girl :)

    Lulu, Thanks! I can’t wait to see how the ring is described in the book.

    Logan, Oh Logan! Lover of sparkles, cover jewelry, and swirly stuff. Will you be my bosom friend, pretty please? Ouch, you’re right, her fingers do look like they’re getting burned!

    Jenny, I agree about the flourishes (a much more sophisticated description than my “swirly things” :P ). The font decorations on the Wicked Lovely series makes the covers seem so overcrowded to me. I agree, these add a nice touch without being overwhelming.

    Savannah, Me too! I can’t wait to see how the story relates to the cover.

    Nic, I certainly can’t resist! :)

    The Slowest Bookworm, Yes, this cover instantly drew me in. I have an aversion to fairies, so I probably wouldn’t have picked this book up based on the title alone.

    Books for Company, I looked up the plot synopsis after writing this post and the tattoo (or, birthmark, according to the description) is important. I love that the cover includes elements from the book like that.

    Gina, Thanks! After reading the plot synopsis I’m not even more curious about the tattoo/birthmark.

    Missie, knowing now that they relate to the story (apparently majorly!), I think we’d all at least notice them after reading the book :P I only saw them at the very end of writing this review after staring at the cover for a half an hour!

    Heather, Thanks! I’m always amazed at how many little details there are in some covers. I really like this meme because it gets me to scrutinize covers beyond my initial reaction of “OH PRETTY!!” Oooh, you’ve brought up so many good points now. I didn’t even consider the double meaning of the title! I wonder if there will be a mention of both types of rings in the book.

  13. By bosom friend, do you mean like Anne of Green Gables? Because if so, then you are already completely my Diana (because really, if one of us is the awkward gangly redhead it's got to be me :P) just for that reference.

    Once upon a time, I bought a bar of glitter soap from Lush but never used it because I didn't want to wash all those pretty sparkles away.

    And also because my husband would have shot me for covering our house in glitter. But I still get it out every now and again just to look at it. Spaaaaarkllllles.

  14. Do you know That Cover Girl's blog? Recently, she asked Kiki Hamilton for her thoughts on that stunning cover. The interview is here:

    I love the way everything the author wanted was included and that you see more whenever you look. This is a meaningful cover we'll get even more out of after reading this book!

  15. Logan, I totally mean like Anne of Green Gables :) Diana Berry? Me? That is a compliment of the highest regard. But alas, your reviews have far more Diana-like grace and poise than my hand-flapping, ecstatically squeaking fan-fests :) Though I don't think I'm tall enough to ever be considered gangly.

    Hehee, I love your sparkle soap story! I can so relate :)

    A Backwards Story, Nope, I didn't know her blog. Thanks for the link! I love hearing an author's thoughts on their book covers.

  16. That cover is amazing!!! Yowza!

  17. I LOVE her blog. She gets so many interviews with cover artists. Most of the time, she introduces me to covers I don't know, but sometimes, we'll share the same cover love at the same moment in time!

  18. I love that the focus is not on the girl for once! You're right, I totally want to know more about her. She is just a mystery.

  19. Lazy Girl, I know! Isn’t it eye-catching?

    A Backwards Story, Very cool. I think I’m going to check out some of those interviews.

    Aylee, She really is. They did a great job and they completely avoided the problem of locking in the image of the character with a specific cover model.


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