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Character Interview: Gabi from Waterfall + Giveaway

Please Welcome Gabi Betarrini!

You're all probably familiar by now with how totally in love I am with Lisa T. Bergren's amazing book Waterfall  (first in the River of Time series), and so you can imagine how mind-blowingly honored I am to be able to welcome Gabi Beterrani, one of the She-Wolves of Siena, to my blog today!

 There are NO spoilers here!

What was the most striking difference between our time period and Marcello’s? What were you most surprised to discover hasn’t changed all that much between fourteenth century Italy and the modern world?

It was crazy--cuh.ray.zey--how different women are treated back in Marcello's time. Seriously. Women have it so much better in contemporary times. But, that said, life was a little more simple for girls back in time. It was, like, just get married and have kids. In 2011, you have to think about college, career, and if you want to get married/have kids at all. What hasn't changed, really? People are pretty much the same. Good and bad. Generous, greedy, compassionate, cold, friendly, distant...there are good and bad people, no matter what year it is.

I know it’s not the most original question, but I have to ask, if you could have brought any objects with you when you traveled back in time, what would you have brought and why?

I totally miss my computer. But it pretty much doesn't matter because it wouldn't do me a whole lotta good to have it without Internet and electricity. Oh, and same with cell phones. Do you know how much easier cell coverage makes life? Phones at all! To be able to pick up a phone and call 9-1-1, or your friends? Huge. But I wish I'd brought real underwear. Comfy ones, like Hanes. What they have here is, uh, well, lame. And scratchy. And I wish I'd brought a bunch of mousse and hair spray. Not to mention shampoo and conditioner. And soap. Soft, silky, good smelling soap. This stuff rakes your skin apart...

When you traveled through time, you didn’t know how it happened and if you would be able to return to your own time and family. How did you feel about this? If it turned out you were truly stuck in the 14th century, what would you have done with the rest of your life?

I was pretty much freaking out for a while. But I just got focused and concentrated on finding Lia. I was so scared I wasn't going to find her...that I would be all alone there. Forever. But then...well, there's more to the story, obviously. And in terms of having to stay in the 14th century forever? I don't know. That's just too big to think about. I can barely figure out where I want to go to college and what my major should be. But then, leaving Marcello forever...yeah, I'm a little conflicted. Okay, a lot conflicted.

I admired your drive to do things on your own, but you did discover that sometimes you needed help. Why was it difficult for you to accept help? Are you glad you finally did?

Yeah, I tend to go first and think later, sometimes. But even I reach a point where I know I'm hurting myself if I keep trying to do things on my own. And the people who jumped in with me? Seriously cool. That helped.

Traveling through time is an incredible experience! What impact did this have on you in terms of personal development? Are you a different person now than you were before your experiences?

Totally. For one thing, I get my parents' obsession with the historical. It's like discovering not just things about other people--but yourself too. It's kinda hard to explain. We're all woven together on this deeper level, impacting one another...And being there, when life is so fragile, when people die in all sorts of ways, it made me appreciate life itself more. I mean, since my dad died, I'd understood that, obviously. But I still felt like I was just existing, making it through each day rather than living-living, you know? Everyone in Marcello's time seems to get it. It's like they understand that life is precious, that it can be lost at any moment, so they put more into living. I decided, in my own time, I was living on a surface level, not on that deeper level. It was really moving. It changed me forever.

You were close with both of your parents and they taught you many things that proved useful in the 14th century. What was the most helpful thing your parents taught you? Was there anything about them that you used to roll your eyes about but now realize you’re actually thankful they taught you?

Well, if Dad hadn't insisted on the dorky fencing lessons, I would've been dead, many times over. I mean, fencing is way easier than fighting with a sword, but at least I had a start. And Mom had taught us some things about herbal medicines that came in handy, but I couldn't remember as much as I wished, once I needed it. That was roll-the-eyeballs learning. You have to understand my life...when your parents hold three-and-a-half PhDs between them, they tend to think that life is a constant teaching moment. Lia and I always wished we could sit down and just play games with them, or watch a DVD. Or just talk. But it always had to be educational, with them. When they weren't working, that is. But I don't mean to sound whiny. Especially since my dad's gone and all. If I had even a half hour with him and I had to listen to him teach me the whole time, I'd take it. It's just who they are. And my dad was super-wise, and would say the same phrases over and over; I repeated a lot of them to myself to cope. If I hadn't had that piece of him in my mind and heart...I don't know. I think I probably would have dissolved.

You met so many gorgeous guys with equally winning personalities. What was it about Marcello in particular that called to you?

If there's one thing that Italy should export, it's seriously hot guys who are into girls like you and me. But Marcello...it was like, internal. I've never experienced anything like it. Like we were pulled together from inside. Not that he's tough to look at. He's hot. But his hotness goes more than skin-deep. Which makes him totally impossible to leave forever. But there's this other girl he's kinda promised to marry. And it makes me wonder how I'm going to encounter anything but a crushed heart...but I'm in deep, Small. Way deep. Which is horrible and fantastic, all at the same time, you know?

Oh I hear you Gabi! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Now for all of you readers who haven't read Waterfall yet, what are you waiting for?!?! I'm totally book pushering this one on you. Here:

For those of you who have wisely already read Waterfall, you can get excited with me over the release of Cascade! It's coming out TOMORROW!!

But in case you don't want to wait even one more day, you can enter here for a chance to win a copy of Cascade from the author! I've already read Cascade and it is FANTASTIC! If you loved Waterfall, then you are going to love Cascade! Don't believe me? Check out this free sneak peek! I'll have my review up on Thursday.

Info for the giveaway:
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    1. Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway!! Yay!

      Thanks for not posting any spoilers. I still need to read the first book! Plus, spoilers are not nice.

      The interview was really cute! It made more excited to pick up these books!

      Jennifer of Little Shelf

    2. I am very jealous of Gabi because of course she gets to make out with Marcello. Thanks for the link to the sneak peek of Cascade. Only 1 day to go!

    3. I'm guessing time travel would make you appreciate history more :-)
      I definitely think it would be hard to live without a cell phone. Hard to believe I made it 18 years without one.

    4. haha, Gabi sounds like a typical teen. I find that I really like that when I read YA. Sometimes when I read YA novels, the MC sounds like an adult and speaks even more maturely than I do (and I am an adult... I think.).

    5. Great minds think alike! I'm posting my review on Thursday as well (provided I can finish the book between assignments). I'm loving it so far, and thanks for the fun interview with Gabi!

    6. Jennifer, You’re welcome! I agree, I don’t like spoilers and we wanted people who hadn’t read Waterfall to be able to still enjoy the interview. I hope you do pick up the books. This is one of the best series I’ve read ever.

      Nic, Haha, yeah, making out with Marcello would be awesome. I think I’m a smidge more jealous of Lia though for getting Luca.

      Alison, Oh yeah, if I ever time traveled I’d be thanking every historical fic author I ever read :P Isn’t it funny how we all managed to survive without cell phones for so long and now it seems impossible to live without them :)

      Aylee, I totally know what you mean. I really like the voice Lisa used for Gabi.

      Logan, Yay! Can I link to your review? I can't wait to hear what you thought about it.

    7. Great interview! Love your questions and her answers. I totally agree about having a phone, especially a cell phone. But I lived a time when I didn't have one. It's so convenient now...and yes, if have to dial 9-1-1! LOL I have to read these books :)

    8. Love the interview! The questions were perfect. I seriously can't wait to read this series. They sound great!

    9. Eeep! I still need to read this. And I had no idea that the cover was out for the third book? It looks fantastic!

    10. Julie, Thanks! You so should read these books! I’m so in love with them.

      Holly, I hope you enjoy it! They’re so, so good. :)

      Cialina, Yup, all three covers have been released. I have to say, I don't picture Marcello like that guy, but he's not bad. You so need to read this series!

    11. I can't read this interview in case there are spoilers! lol! Will have to come back to it :) Have to buy CASCADE this week...and then, um, read WATERFALL (hence, for me, maybe there are spoilers...), which I've had for a while (because of YOU)...

      Thanks for the giveaway opp!

      It would be awesome if you made a technical post in the future about how you made this page. I LOVE the way the interview looks! So much easier to read...!

    12. Bonnie, this interview is for Waterfall, not Cascade, so there shouldn't be any spoilers...but you might want to wait just to be safe. So start reading Waterfall already! :D I love that you noticed and liked my format! I was playing around with it forever. All I did was make colored boxes, so you can see how I did it in the How to Make Colored Boxes post.


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