Thursday, May 5, 2011

Guest Posting at Ruby's Reads

Here's a hint as to what I'll be guest posting about:

Interested? Head on over to Ruby's blog  
Ruby's Reads to find out more!

While you're there, check out her week long Rural Fantasy event! There's a slew of awesome guest posts and a bunch of giveaways for you to enter!


  1. Why yes, yes I am interested:) *wipes away drool*

  2. I've already been there! Great post chick!

  3. Jenny, Haha I thought that photo would grab your attention :)

    Bookish Brunette, Thank you, Hun!

  4. You taunt me with photos of hot men
    You, smart cookie you.

  5. Great Post at Ruby Reads!!


  6. Alex, I’m devious like that :P

    Heather, Thanks!


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