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Review Comparison: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Review Comparison: Firelight

Review Comparison is a new feature I'm trying out where I am pulling out the pros and cons of the featured book mentioned in my review and other bloggers' reviews. Please let me know how you like this new feature and if you have any suggestions on how to make it better. I'm still playing around with the format.

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Firelight by Sophie Jordan
Rating: 2 out of 5
Team: Cassian

The following bloggers kindly allowed me to include their reviews in this feature: 

Rating: 4 out of 5
Team: N/A
Rating: 4 out of 5
Team: Will
Rating: 4 out of 5
Team: (emphatically) Will
Rating: 4 out of 5
Team: Will
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Team: Will
Rating: 3 out of 5
Team: Cassian by default of "Not Will" 
Rating: 3 out of 5
Team: Undecided
Rating: N/A
Team: Will
Rating: N/A
Team: Will

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While overall impressions appear to be mixed, reviewers were almost unanimous on their positive feelings for the unique development of draki mythology. Will was a generally liked love interest, though feelings on Jacinda (the MC) were mixed. The romance is of the hot and insta-love variety and also met mixed responses. Four reviewers mentioned similarities between Firelight and other YA paranormals, particularly Twilight. Almost all reviewers cited dissatisfaction with the cliffhanger ending.


  • “Fast-paced, held my attention the entire time” (Mindful Musings)
  • Engrossing (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
  • “I liked Jordan’s writing. It easily takes you in the book.” (Splash of Our Worlds)
  • Unique, entertaining, “From the very first couple of pages this book grabs you” (Annette’s Book Spot)
  • Unique, exhilarating (Paranormal Indulgence)
  • Refreshing, “…sucked me in right from the start” (A Backwards Story)
  • “The imagery and detail is vivid” (A Backwards Story)
  • “[The] writing style was great” (Mindful Musings)
  • “[The writing style] tended to interrupt the flow of reading” (A Tapestry of Words)
  • “The first half of the book is quite slow-moving” (A Tapestry of Words)
  • “Excessive stage setting…It felt like the book was unnecessarily stretched…even if there isn’t enough substance here to justify a complete book” (Small Review)
  • “The story is not developed enough” (Splash of Our Worlds)



    • “I had a few issues with the characters” (Mindful Musings)
    • “The characters were in a normal level, acceptable” (Splash of Our Worlds)
    • A little disappointed, “I didn’t get to really know the characters…I turned up not liking most of them” (Paranormal Indulgence)


      • Loyal, “I often admired Jacinda” (Mindful Musings)
      • “One of the best things about Firelight is the fact that it’s the female main character who is the mythical being” (A Backwards Story)
      •  “I liked Jacinda at the very beginning...[but] she began to start irritating me” (A Tapestry of Words)
      • “She did get a little repetitive…but it didn’t really bother me all that much” (Mindful Musings)
      • “I thought Jacinda was a bit annoying with her back and forth. She was so indecisive and whiny.” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
      •  “Jacinda’s indecision was dragged on for so long that I lost all sympathy I had for the character…” (Small Review)
      • Angsty, indecisive, “Jacinda repeated all of her worries about her problems so often I got sick of them and my sympathy for her decreased” (A Tapestry of Words)


        • “I wasn’t in love with him, but I did like him. I think I would like him more if I knew what he was like before he met Jacinda” (Mindful Musings)
        • “I loved Will. What a swoon-worthy guy” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
        • “I love Will” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
        • “…a much easier character to like” (A Tapestry of Words)
        • “If there was something I didn’t like about Will, it was perhaps that he was just too sweet” (A Tapestry of Words)
        • Not a lot of depth, “…wasn’t all that remarkable or standout-ish” (Paranormal Indulgence)
        • “He didn’t really stand out to me beyond the stock paranormal romance guy” (Small Review)


          • “I didn’t enjoy him as a character…too arrogant and possessive…[but] I saw a hint of underlying sweetness” (Paranormal Indulgence)
          • Ambiguous, intriguing, “…another character I liked, because he isn’t wholly good or wholly bad.” (A Tapestry of Words)
          • One of my favorite things about the book (Small Review)



          • “A very nice romance…When I have a reader ask for a romance with a supernatural element I will hand her Firelight” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
          • “Most of [the book] is around the love story” (Splash of Our Worlds)
          • “Romance was the primary focus…and I wasn’t feeling this romance at all” (Small Review)
          • “This I-guess-you-could-call-it-that love triangle didn’t score too high with me” (Paranormal Indulgence)
          •  “The romantic scenes between Jacinda and Will are hot and steamy” (Annette’s Book Spot)
          • Intoxicating, “…a sizzling romance that sparks in the midst of all that angst and danger” (Paranormal Indulgence)
          •  “The initial attraction…is well-done, with their chemistry sizzling…but once they actually declare themselves the romance tends toward slightly too sweet and cheesy” (A Tapestry of Words)
          • “…their passionate scenes were wonderful, but how often did this couple actually talk and discuss things” (Paranormal Indulgence)


          • “The story idea was FABULOUS! Talk about original! The whole draki idea was just awesome.” (Mindful Musings)
          • “The mythology of the draki greatly interested me” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
          •  “…the best part…was learning all I could about the draki…a constant source of fascination” (Paranormal Indulgence)
          •  “…a paranormal creature unlike any other” (Annette’s Book Spot)
          • “This is the area that Jordan really shone. I appreciated all the thought she’d put into the draki race and the way she made it work with traditional dragon lore.” (A Tapestry of Words)
          • “The draki is such an original and clever idea…but in the book, you really don’t get much of it” (Splash of Our Worlds)
          •  “Thoroughly engrossing mythology surrounding the draki…[but Sophie Jordan] only scratches the surface in this book” (Small Review)
          • “I would have loved more world-building involving the draki pride” (A Tapestry of Words


          • “I found the first half…to be entirely reminiscent of Twilight…and the second half seemed entirely reminiscent of Claudia Gray’s Evernight series.” (Avery’s Book Nook)
          • “…still a good book, but I just wish that it had been a bit more unique” (Avery’s Book Nook)
          •  “While it was interesting, at the same time it reminded me of Twilight…there were scenes that I felt like I was reading Twilight” (Splash of Our Worlds)
          • “There were a couple elements that reminded me of Twilight and/or typical YA paranormals” (A Tapestry of Words)
          •  “…some of the scenes were so reminiscent of a handful of other YA paranormal romance books that I felt like I had already read this book” (Small Review)


            • “I did like the cliffhanger!” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
            •  “I look forward to reading more of her writing in the future!” (Mindful Musings)
            • “I am eagerly anticipating the second book” (Milk and Cookies: Comfort Reading)
            • “There are many mysteries still not answered and an amazing ending, which really made me wanna get the next book” (Splash of Our Worlds)
            • “There are a ton of loose ends that were not tied up, nor even touched upon! It seriously just ended, probably with one of the worst cliffhanger endings I have ever read before.” (Avery’s Book Nook)
            • “…a complete cliffhanger. Right in the middle of everything THE BOOK JUST ENDS! …This didn’t feel like a cliffhanger, it felt like a printing error” (Small Review)
            •  “I don’t mind cliffhangers, but I just felt like the ending kind of popped up out of nowhere…wasn’t a satisfying closing” (Paranormal Indulgence)
            •  “…ends with a shattering, unfulfilling climax” (Annette’s Book Spot)
            • “…Feels more like it just sets up the rest of the series…I’ll probably read the next book at some point, but I won’t be rushing out to buy it” (A Tapestry of Words)
            •  “I’m not necessarily anxious to get to the sequel, but I’ll be excited for its release nonetheless” (Paranormal Indulgence)
            •  “I’ll give the next book a chance, but if I’m not hooked early on then I’m DNF-ing it” (Small Review)


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            1. I always love reading these. It's such a nice blend, Small Review. I can't tell you wonderful and helpful I find this feature!

            2. Nice to see what others think about it! I saw that many noticed the Twilight Similarities!

            3. This sounds like one you really have to be in the mood for. It kinda averages out as a 3, which isn't so bad, and a lot of people are looking forward to the next one. I'm glad about this as I have it on my bookshelf.

            4. I sure do love this feature. I have also read a lot of mixed reviews for this. Like you said, they all seem to have no complaints about the draki mythology though. That's what fascinates me most. I still want to read it.

            5. This looks so great! I am glad to know that I wasn't the only one out there to notice such blatant similarities between it and "Twilight". Also your statement This didn’t feel like a cliffhanger, it felt like a printing error” is 100% accurate!

              Thanks for doing this! It looks great!

            6. I love this feature! It really gives the reader a chance to see the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

            7. Small, you've convinced me. I had this on my TBR, and am waiting...waiting...for it to come in at the library. But because of your (freaking awesome) review/review comparison, I'll probably end up removing it. Bummer - it looked good - but I'm glad I got out easy. ;)

              I absolutely LOVE these comparisons. :D

            8. This is amazing, l haven't read this book yet so it's a big help!

            9. This os so helpful! There seems to be very divided opinions on this one. Now to decide whether to read it.....

            10. Interesting to see some very different opinions here - but glad I wasn't the only one who was less-than-impressed with Firelight!

            11. Uh oh... looks like poor Cassian is in the minority. After reading your review, I'm super curious about him, so I wish more was revealed about his, but I am still content with the arrogant and possessive part!

              Thanks for the comparison. Looks like there are a variety of thoughts on this one. Makes it hard to decide on weather I should pick it up or not. LOL

            12. This is an awesome feature. i love being able to see multiple blurbs in one place rather than trying to jump back and forth between tabs.

            13. Awesome post!!! I haven't had a chance to pick this one up yet. Hopefully soon. :D

            14. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!

              A. Knight, I’m so glad you do!

              Yiota, Yes, it was fun to see how many people mentioned Twilight similarities. There were a few scenes, especially in the school, that really reminded me of Twilight.

              The Slowest Bookworm, I hope you enjoy it! I think I would have been a lot happier with it if I hadn’t read it so far before the release of the sequel (and if I had known there was going to be a sequel!)

              Alison, I’m so happy to hear that! The draki mythology does seem to be liked across the board. I was very interested in it, but I hope she expands more on it in the sequel.

              Avery, Nope, definitely not the only one :P Glad to hear you agree with me about the ending! I was soooo pissed. Of course that won’t matter at all anymore once the sequel is released.

              Natalie, I’m so glad you like it! That’s exactly my goal :)

              Sierra, Aw, too bad. But better to avoid a book you wouldn’t like anyway than be disappointed, I think.

              Books for Company, I’m so happy you found it helpful!

              Stephanie, I’m so glad you found it helpful! The opinions really do seem to be pretty evenly divided. Good luck deciding :) If you do want to read it, then you might want to at least wait until Vanish comes out so you won’t have to deal with that horrible cliffhanger.

              Danya, You so weren’t alone :) As I was reading your review it felt like you had read my mind!

              Missie, Yeah, Cassian isn’t getting much love :( But that just means I don’t need to fight anyone for him. All MINE! :P Good luck with your decision. It is a tough one. If you’re leaning toward reading it though, you might want to wait until Vanish comes out so you don’t have to rip your hair out with that cliffhanger.

              Artieismymuse, Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it :)

              Cialina, Thank you! I hope you fall on the side that likes the book :)

            15. Wow, this review comparison really helps me get a good feel for the book. Seeing so many different perspectives is awesome. Thanks for having such a creative and fun feature. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

            16. Gina, I'm glad it helps and that you're enjoying this feature! I'll be opening up review submissions for the next one soon. I got a ton of requests!

            17. I LOVE THIS FEATURE! Often times we only see one side to a review but with REVIEW COMPARISON we'll get both sides, and more! I havent had time to read Firelight, but it is in my pile... can't wait to get to it now!


            18. Diana, :D That’s exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with Review Comparison! I’m so happy you like it and find it helpful. I hope you enjoy Firelight!


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