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Clarity by Kim Harrington (Review Comparison)

Review Comparison: Clarity

Review Comparison is a feature I do where I pull out the pros and cons of the featured book mentioned in my review and other bloggers' reviews.

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Clarity by Kim Harrington
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The following bloggers kindly allowed me to include their reviews in this feature: 

The Bookish Type: 5 out of 5
Bewitched Bookworms: 5 out of 5
Ivy Reads: 5 out of 5
Irresistible Reads: 4.5 out of 5
The Book Scout: 4.5 out of 5
Poetry to Prose: 4 out of 5
Dreaming of Books: 4 out of 5
Stalking the Bookshelves: 4 out of 5
Cheezyfeet Books: 4 out of 5
Annette's Book Spot: 3.5 out of 5
Bookworm1858 3.5 out of 5
Everything To Do With Books
Lisa the Nerd

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Reviewers were almost unanimous in saying that they did not guess the murderer ahead of time. Clarity and her brother Perry were also liked by almost all reviewers. Also noted was the fast pace. The biggest point of disagreement was over the romance, with some reviewers liking the love triangle and others disliking it.



  • "I had several theories and I was kind of right but I didn't quite piece everything together" (Bookworm1858)
  • "I felt there were enough clues that kept me entertained and I could figure out half of what had happened but I was surprised at the other half of it" (Everything To Do With Books)
  • Captivating, "Readers will be able to enjoy the tension and the thrill of the chase, while still being caught up in the lively and playful tone of the narrator." (The Bookish Type)
  • "...many twists and turns, and I really didn't figure out who the perpetrator was until it was revealed." (Annette's Book Spot)
  • "I was unable to guess who the killer was...there was a twist or two that I didn't expect." (Irresistible Reads)
  • "...very well crafted and features quite a few twists...I admit to believing I had unraveled the mystery rather early on, only to realize I didn't at all" (Stalking the Bookshelves)
  • "The murderer was very unexpected and I wouldn't have suspected him/her at all...talk about the twists and turns...!" (Ivy Reads)
  • "[The plot was] predictable, until there was a twist, but then it went right back to being predictable again." (Cheezyfeet Books)
  • "It keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to solve the mystery!" (Ivy Reads)
  • "The story line was captivating and kept me on edge the whole time...I had theories over theories and in the end I was just wrong...two thumbs up for surprising me here!" (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • "...full of suspense with lots of speculation over who the killer is." (Dreaming of Books)
  • "A fantastic and unique new mystery...kept me guessing to the end" (The Book Scout)
  • "[Kim Harrington] threw a curve ball when I least expected it...my hands were often gripping the pages, my heart pounding" (The Book Scout)
  • "Gripping...refused to allow me any shuteye until the last page of the book was turned" (Poetry to Prose)
  • “I was constantly on my toes and look at everyone with suspicion...the final reveal surprised me” (Small Review)
  • "My only tiny little complaint...is the thriller part could have been a little scarier. I was surprised but it didn't get my pulse pounding." (Irresistible Reads)
  • "I never really felt invested in the story beyond surface-level curiosity" (Small Review)


  • Bursts of intensity now and again to keep things exciting" (Lisa the Nerd)
  • "I started it in a day and sat down and read it all day until I finished it" (Everything To Do With Books)
  • "...suspense will keep [you] on the edge of [your] seat" (The Bookish Type)
  • "It keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to solve the mystery!" (Ivy Reads)
  • "Easy, quick read" (Annette's Book Spot)
  • "Short, quick read" (Cheezyfeet Books)
  • Fast read (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • Fast paced (The Book Scout)
  • "Pacing is steady and to the point" (Small Review)
  • "The novel has a beautiful rhythm to it" (Stalking the Bookshelves)
  • "Hypnotic and intriguing...could not get enough of...effortless style...entertaining and absorbing" (Irresistible Reads)

Paranormal elements:

  • "The whole psychic angle was very very well played out...seemed realistic" (Everything To Do With Books)
  • "The unique take on psychic ability lends nicely to the murder mystery element" (The Bookish Type)
  • "The paranormal parts were nice, blending seamlessly into the overall plot without overwhelming it" (Small Review)
  • "I loved the idea of a family of psychics running a business in Cape Cod" (The Book Scout)
  • "I liked how there were rules that restricted what they could do [with their paranormal abilities]" (Small Review)
  • "I didn't really ever feel like the psychic abilities were all that sinister, or even that they added that much to the story" (Annette's Book Spot)



  • "...totally reminiscent of Veronica Mars...I fell into step with Clarity immediately. Her voice was intelligent, sweet, smart, and sincere." (Lisa the Nerd)
  • "[Reminded me of] Veronica Mars...they have a similar fire and determination...fierce loyalty to their family" (Poetry to Prose)
  • "I liked Clarity...she stands her ground when it comes to her beliefs and ideals...incredibly relatable and really well developed" (Everything To Do With Books)
  • "Love[d] Clare from page one" (The Bookish Type)
  • "It is refreshing to see a teenage heroine who isn't afraid to fight back against the bullies, rather than crying in a bathroom stall" (The Bookish Type)
  • Strong, extremely loyal (Cheezyfeet Books)
  • Strong, smart, and sassy..."You can't help but like her. She's also very easy to relate to..." (Stalking the Bookshelves)
  • "I really enjoy Clare...she isn't afraid to be herself" (Ivy Reads)
  • Awesome, fiesty, determined, and instantly likeable. She "sticks up for herself" (Irresistible Reads)
  • "Brave, funny and a real strong person...she wasn't insecure and [was] truly determined." (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • "Easy narrative voice that I instantly fell into" (Small Review)
  • "I love Clarity's voice." (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • "Clare's voice blows through like a breath of fresh air, full of snark and vivacity...utterly loveable heroine, with complex layers" (The Bookish Type)
  • "Snarky, honest, and speaks her mind" (Dreaming of Books)
  • "...snarky, fun teenager and a great narrator...had me chuckling out loud and rooting for her success throughout" (The Book Scout)
  • "Sometimes I got the impression that Clarity's leper status might be her fault" (Small Review)


  • "They have great family dynamic" (Dreaming of Books)
  • "I love the...family dynamic" (Poetry to Prose)
  • "I enjoyed getting to know this fun family and to see how much they loved each other" (The Book Scout)
  • "The [family relationship is] tight and honest one...nice, fun banter...which shows off just how much they deeply care for one another" (Stalking the Bookshelves)
  • "Clare's mother actually has a presence and communicates with her children"(Poetry to Prose)
  • "Clare's mom is a splash of humor and genuine love that helped balance this read" (Lisa the Nerd)
  • "Perry...is a character I enjoyed" (Poetry to Prose)
  • "I fell in love with [Perry]!" (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • Perry "was a fun character and I couldn't help but like him" (Small Review)
  • "I loved this sister and brother relation, it was sweet, strong and genuine." (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • "...endearing brother/sister relationship...dysfunctional parent relationship with their flaky mother" (The Bookish Type)
  • "I like that Clarity's mom was a part of the story, but she seemed kind of wimpy and "fragile" to me," which I didn't like (Small Review)


  • "I was not really a fan of the romance" (Bookworm1858)
  • "I didn't like [the love triangle], mostly because I didn't like either of the guys" (Small Review)
  • "Kim Harrington manages to make the reader invest in each romance" (The Bookish Type)
  • "I don't need triangles and actually prefer not to have them [but] I don't care so much here." (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • "I prefer Justin, he is so sweet...I couldn't help but get annoyed with Clare for being so mean and unforgiving" (Cheezyfeet Books)
  • "You'll have a hard time figuring out everyone's agenda, as well as who to root for in the Justin/Clare/Gabriel department" (Stalking the Bookshelves)
  • "There is a love triangle and it actually worked...I couldn't pick between the two guys either" (Irresistible Reads)
  • "I like both guys so really wasn't able to pick one over the other" (Dreaming of Books)
  • "It's hard to tell which boy I'm supposed to be rooting for [likes both]" (Poetry to Prose)


  • "...Every plot thread is neatly tied up, leaving no loose ends or giant holes in the story" (Stalking the Bookshelves)
  • "Wraps things well enough that it's able to stand on its own" (Poetry to Prose)
  • "...there are many places where more could be elaborated..." (Bookworm1858)
  • "I'm hoping a few things will be resolved in the sequel" (The Book Scout)
  • "Clarity ends nicely as a standalone...at first glance" there are still a lot of loose ends (Small Review)

  • "I'll definitely be checking out the future books in this series" (Lisa the Nerd)
  • "There was an opening left for more stories about Clarity, and I'd be all over that" (Annette's Book Spot)
  • "I will definitely read more from Kim Harrington!" (Bewitched Bookworms)
  • "I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for Clarity in the sequel" (The Book Scout)
  • "...Looking forward to the sequel" (Poetry to Prose)
  • "...if this does become a series, I hope to see more depth added" (Bookworm1858)
  • "I don't feel a burning desire to get to the next book RIGHT NOW, but I will read the sequel eventually" (Small Review)


  1. The fact that it was almost unanimous that no one was able to guess the murderer ahead of time, is just what I needed to hear! I'm looking forward to a good murder mystery.

  2. I am not surprised reviewers disagreed about the romance. Even though I liked the love triangle I could see it could drive people crazy with no clear winner and both guys both making some big mistakes. I love these review comparison :)

  3. Awesome as always. I really think this is one of the greatest features in the whole blogging community. It definitely gives me a good idea of the book. Mystery yay, characters yay, pacing yay, romance nay. Now I know what to expect and it makes me want to read it more.

  4. These are so much fun to read! I love that you take the time to do this -- and I know it must take a LOT of time! Thanks!

  5. Of course I zoned in on that romance section. From all that is mentioned, it really seems like the type that you have to decide for yourself if you are going to like or not.

    Great comparison. I really liked the breakdown and the list of ratings.

  6. I love these posts, its so interesting to see everyone's different thoughts and feelings. It was very nice to be included and I can't wait to read the next one!

  7. I LOVE your meta-reviews! It's so neat to see so many reviews summed up in one spot. Great job!
    I'm eager to read Entwined, but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. Maybe next time, I'll be able to participate.

    I am glad to hear that no one guessed the ending... I love surprise endings... I'll have to bump this up on my TBR, for sure.

  8. Overall, it appears the consensus is this is a good read. The mystery element rocks, no one could guess the murderer (which is a good thing), the only reservations with the lower ratings lied within the romance aspect of the book.

    My consensus is after reading everyone's contributions, is I should certainly give this book a try. I don't think I'll be disappointed.

    I totally enjoy reading these review comparisons. I can't wait for the next one featuring Entwined.

  9. Well, color me stupid for not paying more attention. This sounds like a book I would totally love! I'm an idiot. Thanks for highlighting such a well-liked book. Adding to my TBR! (sigh)

  10. I love these comparisons. So cool! I for one really dug this book :)

  11. So it seems Clarity is really well-liked, and everyone's kind of taking its flaws in stride. Will definitely have to check this one out, to see what all of the buzz is for. Loved the comparison, made me want to pick up Clarity more than before and find out what it's like for myself.

  12. This is too cool. Thanks for taking the time to draw comparisons and pull quotes! Seriously fun to read others thoughts in one post.

  13. I had to come back again to say I just picked up Clarity on Ebookfling for a 14 day loan on my kindle. I'm so excited I actually get to read a book you all just reviewed.

  14. Aylee, I’m super curious now to see if you guess the murderer :P Hopefully you don’t.

    Nic, The guys mistakes was what bothered me about the love triangle, but I actually liked the way Kim Harrington handled it otherwise. I agree, I can see how that would be the most divisive point of the book.

    Alison, Aw, thank you so much! I’m really so happy you like this feature. :)

    Annette, The whole process does take a good bit of time, but it’s worth it seeing how much people like it and find it helpful. It’s fun for me too to see where the reviews agree and disagree.

    Missie, LOL, well, the romance is what’s important, right? :P I think you’re right in that you just have to decide for yourself about the romance. Glad you like it! The ratings list was Gina from My Precious’s suggestion.

    Stalking the Bookshelves, Thank you for letting me include your review! I’m so happy you liked the feature :)

    Madigan, Thank you!! If you’d like you can suggest a book or email me. I do try to include a variety of reviewers for each RC post and I’d love to include one of your reviews. I still have to read Entwined myself. Usually I give myself more time, so I’d better get to reading it asap!

    Gina, I hope you enjoy Clarity! I’m really curious to see how your impressions of the book line up with your expectations as a result of this review comparison.

    Logan, haha, hope you like it! It’s a short book, so your TBR doesn’t need to groan too much :P

    Christie, So glad you like review comparisons! :)

    Asher, I hope you like Clarity. If you read it, I’d love to know how your thoughts compare to the review comparison.

    Lisa, You’re welcome! Thank you for letting me include your review :)


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