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How to Get ARCs: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Keep Readers and Increase Pageviews series
     How to Use Labels (Tags) to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Attract Readers to Your Blog series
     4 Ways to Gain Readers Using Comments
     How to Increase Blog Readership with Search Engines
     3 Ways to Attract New Blog Readers

How To: Q&A Edition
     How to do plain borders around text
     HTML Editor vs. Text Editor
     How to tell who un-follows you
     How to make a scrolling widget for blog buttons (or anything else)
     How to make Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, etc icons for your sidebars

Tips & Tricks: Q & A Edition 2
     How I send comment reply emails
     Can you find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc?
     How to make a link people can click on to send you an email

Tips & Tricks: Q&A Edition 3 
     How to add originality to your blog without plagiarizing others
     How to center a header image
     How to add a link to your blog when leaving comments
     How to make rating images
     Programs to use to write your blog posts (NOT Microsoft Word!)

Where's the Follow Button?
     A workaround to fix the disappearing Google Friend Connect widget

How to Schedule Posts

How to Make Colored Boxes

How to Maximize Links, part 1 

How to Maximize Links, part 2 

How to Increase SEO with Post Titles

How to Make a Full-Screen Blog Header

How to Make a Button

How to Fix Overhanging Sidebar Images

How to Make a Sidebar Header

How to Add a Signature to Posts

How to Customize a Comment Form Message

How to Make a Progress Bar

How to Customize a Progress Bar

How to Make Anchor Text 

How to Make Named Attribution Jumps

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