Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Write these historical fantasies, please??

I'm a more is more kind of person, so when it comes to historical fantasy, I want, well, MORE! Some subjects seem to be waaaay underrepresented, and some may be there, but I want more books on the subject.

The following is my list of five historical fantasy topics I want authors to write more books about.

Arabian horse races

Remember the movie Hidalgo? I adore it. The excitement of the race, the bond between the man and his loyal horse, and the perils of the Arabian desert have completely captured my heart and left me dying for more (and, ok, casting Viggo in the lead didn't hurt either). Now imagine all of that, but with magical ancient curses. Even better, right?

Unearthing Ancient Egypt

Movies have again made me pine for books with the mix of magic and history found in The Mummy. The main character is even a librarian! A YA book series was practically meant to be.

Setting a story in actual Ancient Egypt would be great, but I also love how the Mummy movies took place in the 1920s. It's still historical, but it focuses on the unearthing of all the ancient ruins and totally satisfies my deep love of both snooping and finding treasure.

Now just give me a roguish romantic interest that I can picture looking like Brendan Fraser and I'll be pre-ordering those babies faster than you can say "Don't open that canopic jar!"

(And yes, I know this is pretty much exactly what I'm getting with the Theodosia series by R.L. LaFevers. But I want more!)

The American West

Dean Winchester isn't the only one who would jump at the chance to time travel into the old American West. The gunslingers, the showdowns, the beautiful uncharted terrirory, the unbridled masculinity--sign me up! The only thing that could possibly improve upon this formula is magic, and I, for one, think I could do with a little more Wild West Magic in my life.

Ancient Greece

I know, I know, we're totally saturated with Greek gods, but that's not what I'm looking for here. I'm thinking focusing more on the political scheming, the battles between Greece's city states and her foreign enemies...but now add in magic. NOT magic from the gods, but magic weilded by the people of Greece.

Just think of how fantasy elements could turn the awesome level of the Peloponnesian War up to 11? Still doubt me? Look at the movie 300 to see how the Battle of Thermopylae was improved with the addition of fantasty elements

(and no, I'm not referring to the presence of all those half naked men running around, though I'm certainly not complaining and I'm sure they have been the subject of many a fantasy!)

Ancient Rome

Again, I'm not looking for the intervention of deities here. Rome offers even more opportunities for magical use with all of those political murders going on. Just think of how the presence of magic expands an assassin's arsenal! And you could totally use magical powers (or the exposure of such powers) to do some dastardly scheming and blackmailing behind the scenes, too. And the battles! I'm telling you, there is massive potential here.

So authors, can you get started on these? Pretty please?

How about all of you? What historical fantasy settings or fantasy elements do you want authors to write about?

Ruby has some requests of her own. Check them out!

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  1. I love your picture of Puss in Boots- my cat looks so much like him! Hopefully there are some authors who will take up your suggestions.

  2. Sadly I can't fulfill those for you, because I don't know much about those time periods. I'd probably write about the Revolutionary War, since that's my favorite time period.

  3. I love this! :) I completely agree! I wish I could find what I love in movies in great books - especially Ancient Egypt.

  4. I haven't read it yet but I do believe Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury has a mummy, a curse (maybe) and takes place in 1815 but I don't know if we actually get to see Egypt :/

  5. I'm a bit surprised not much is written about other huge empires like the Mughal, Ottoman, Persian empires. I would love more books written in the Elizabethan time period besides Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth. I love Will and Liz, but there were other people that lived in that time period too.

  6. I couldn't agree with this post more. More Egypt would make me so very happy. Egypt has been there through everything, you could set it at any time in the past and Egypt would be an awesome location.

    Lindsey @ babiesbooksandsigns.com

  7. Great Ideas! And I just love that picture of Puss in Boots! Love The Mummy as well!!


  8. YES YES YES. I definitely want more cowboy, Greek, and Roman stories!!

  9. I love this post!! I couldn't agree more! however, I'm not sure about the Wild West but I'd try that if I could find a good enough sounding book! But I looooove me some Rome, Greece, and Egypt!

  10. Yes, I definitely want more of Ancient Greece and Rome. I didn't even think of something like Arabian horses nor have I watched the movie you mentioned, but I will now :) I loved Viggo in LOTR.

  11. Awws!!
    I love the ones you picked!
    Ancient Greece or Rome would be my fave because I love those time periods and know them pretty well.

    Thanks for this post!

  12. I can't deny that I don't love watching 300 so it would be fun to have more stuff like that going on.

    Arabian horse races, Egypt, Rome, STOP MAKING ME WANT THIS!!! XDDD

    And personally I would love to see mythology inspired books centered around Japan. We see all this Greek myth stuff, I want to see Amaterasu in action now!

  13. I'm so with you on the Arabian horse races and the unearthing Ancient Egypt! I loved Hidalgo and as for The Mummy, I've been a crazed fan for awhile. No mind that they weren't crazy sellers, I LOVED THEM! Me and my sister are kinda obsessed. And, I'd so buy Brendan Fraser as a roguish romantic anyday. Those baby blues are begging me to buy them!

    Please authors?!?!?!

  14. Arabian horse races, YES!!!! That would be so cool. I love horses in any book but that setting and event in particular would be awesome-sauce.

  15. You must be reading my mind! I've recently started planning a historical fantasy book that I want to write. Although, I have to finish the NaNoWriMo novel I started first.

    I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that picture of Dean in a cowboy outfit. That was one of my favourite episodes. Bless him.

  16. Viz Arabian horses--you might enjoy King of the Wind, by Marguerite Henry. It's an older children's book, but very substantial, and tells of how the first Arabian horses were sent to Europe,and the curse that dogs one of these horses,and the boy sent to tend him. The possible curse is the only "fantasy" element, but it's a good read. Another is A Wind From Cairo, by Judith Tarr, which is very heavy on the fantasy, as the hero becomes transformed into a horse.

    For ancient Greece, do try The King Must Die, by Mary Renault, if you haven't already. The fantasy element involves the (possible, believed by the characters to be true) involvement of the gods, which is not quite what you are looking for, but it is utterly Brilliant.

  17. Bookworm1858, Aw, your cat must be adorable :) I hope some authors do!

    Ruby, hahaha yes. But strong, masculine werewolves who love being werewolves :)

    Alison, Yay! That works for me too! I would seriously LOVE more Revolutionary War books to read.

    Miss Remmers, Yes! Those Mummy movies would make great books, I think :)

    Sandy, Yup, Wrapped does have a mummy and takes place in England. Unfortunately, I didn't like the book much though :( But I LOVE the cover! Thank you for the suggestion.

    Rummanah, I'm surprised those empires don't get more attention, too. I would love to read about them. Ha, yes, a book set during Elizabethan England but NOT starring Elizabeth would be great. I haven't read any about Shakespeare, but I really don't have much interest in that either.

    MamaMunky, Yes! There is so much to explore with Egypt's history. There are a TON of important people and events tied with Egypt's history. So many possibilities.

    Heather, I couldn't say no to that picture of Puss in Boots, and hopefully authors won't be able to either :P

    Cialina, Yay! Authors take note! :P

    Mackenzie, Rome, Greece, and Egypt offer SO much. I'm surprised there aren't more YA books about those time periods.

    A Canadian Girl, Oh gosh, I think you'll like Viggo in Hidalgo then :) I split Viggo into two categories: HOT (LotR, Hidalgo) and SCARY (History of Violence, Eastern Promises). He looks like a cowboy version of Aragorn :)

    Alex, I know them pretty well too, so I'd be picky about accuracy, but I SO wish more authors would write about those times. So glad you liked these!

    Bookish Hobbit, hehe yeah, bring on more 300! :P No, I will NOT stop making you want it! I will tempts lots and lots of people until authors cave and give me what I want :P Be tempted! Japan is another area that is seriously lacking.

    Madigan, Thanks :)

    Jen, Oh heck yes, Brendan Fraser was PERFECT in that role! Sa-woon! If authors actually wrote these types of books, I'd probably picture half of the guys as Brendan Fraser and the other half as Viggo :P

    Aylee, Yes!!! I will auto read anything that sounds like it has Arabian horse races. I wish there were more out there.

    Amber, Yay!! I am SO excited now for your book, and I don't even know what it's about :P I loved that episode too! Dean was hilarious when he came back from the store wearing his "western outfit"

    Charlotte, I love King of the Wind! Oh gosh, I was totally and completely obsessed with Marguerite Henry when I was a kid (even got my parents to take me to Chincoteague island!) Thank you for the suggestions! I'll check out the Judith Tarr one. Ooh and Mary Renault is a BIG name, but sadly one I haven't gotten to yet. I think I'll start with the book you mentioned. Thank you!

  18. Yes,ancient egypt, roman or greek fantasy will be superb! Why don't we have more of those?


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