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Author Interview: P. G. Kain

Please Welcome P. G. Kain!

P. G. Kain writes books for tweens that look absolutely adorable! The first series begins with a girl trying to get her boyfriend to dump her. I love stories that turn the expected on its head like that. The second series began this March and the sequel is already coming out in June. Yay for No More Waiting! I haven't read either series yet, but both sound fun are going on my "screen for library girls" TBR.

P. G. Kain was nice enough to stop by today and answer some of my very important questions about his books.

Q: Which one of your characters do you most want to slap or give a verbal tongue lashing to?

A: The main character in "Famous for Thirty Seconds," Brit is a bit of a brat. She booked her first commercial when she was six months old and has seen her face on everything from candy bars to juice boxes. When she returns from a year living abroad and finds out that she is no longer at the top of the heap in the commercial world, her reaction is less than gracious. Brit is determined to get her place back. Determination itself is not bad but, like most people, when you are overly focused on a goal you miss all the other opportunity coming your way. For Brit this opportunity comes in the form of a very cute boy named Liam.

Q: If you were transported into your book, which scene would you most want to reenact?

A: In the first two books of COMMERCIAL BREAKS each character books a spot at an amusement park. They shut down the park in order to film the commercial and they get to ride the rides over and over again without waiting in line.

Q: Which one of your character’s brains would you want to pick the most?

A: In "Dumped by Popular Demand" my first book for tweens, Dorie Dilts uses scientific principles to solve her social problems at school. She finds the scientific formula for achieving popularity and even though things don't go exactly as planned she is still the smartest character I have ever written. Dorie is way smarter than I am which creates a bit of a problem when you have to write her dialogue.

Q: Which scene do you think will surprise readers the most?

A: I think readers will be surprised to find out how much work goes into booking a commercial. You have to go on so many auditions just to get a callback. Once you book a part it's a lot of fun but it's also a lot of hard work. The girls in COMMERCIAL BREAKS are amazing professionals. They know their lines, hit their mark and arrive on time. Sure it's fun to go to a wardrobe fitting and try on scads of sparkly new dresses but when you are in that sparkly new dress filming the same scene over and over, the glitter looses a bit of its shine.

Readers should add Famous for Thirty Seconds to their To Be Read list if they like...

Books about:
   Professional acting, modeling, TV, commercials, behind-the-scene scenes, romance, friendship, friendly competition and insider secrets 

Books/movies like:
     Smash, Glee, A Chorus Line, Violet on the Runway.

About Famous for Thirty Seconds:

Brittany Rush is the face of Gotta Have It candy bars, the hands of Write On pencils, the hair of Knot Me Not detangle spray and the voice of Mom, It’s Delicious! soups. Brittany has been appearing in commercials and print ads since her backside was the official derriere of Simply Dry Diapers. When Brittany showed up at a callback some girls would actually just get up and go home since they knew it was almost impossible to compete with her. 

However, a month after her twelfth birthday, Brittany’s mother tells her that the entire family is moving to Hong Kong for a year. Brittany is forced to take a brief but agonizing break from her commercial career. After a year of being just an anonymous kid in a foreign country, Brittany is more than ready to return stateside to her steady diet of go-see’s, auditions, callbacks and bookings in NYC. 

Within 48 hours of landing at JFK Brittany’s agent Judith Lister of the A Lister’s Agency has three go-see’s for Brittany. When she shows up to the first go-see, she expects the spotlight to start shining on her again but instead she finds that, in the year that she has been gone, she has changed from being the cute kid to watch out for to just one of the many pretty girls waiting her turn. Will Brittany be able to steal back her spotlight? Or will she discover there's more to life than being a commercial success?

About Dumped by Popular Demand:

Dorie has just moved from California to New Jersey. For most kids this would be horrendous, but for Dorie it's the chance to conduct the most important scientific research of her young life. She is determined to pour all of her scientific abilities into an experiment that will, once and for all, make her popular.

Dorie calculates the trends, habits and attitudes of the most popular girls at school but finally has her eureka moment when she discovers that the three most popular girls at school, aka "The Holly Trinity," have each dated and been dumped by the cutest boy at school, Grant Bradish. All scientific data points to the solution that Dorie has to get Grant to date her and dump her in order to secure her desired popularity. It's an impossible yet hilarious task for girl scientist, Dorie Dilts.

Thank you so much for stopping by, P.G. Kain!

I love "behind the scenes" books like that! The Commercial Breaks series reminds me a little of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series, which is a very good thing. I'm also really curious to find out how Dorie is going to go about putting her plan into action. What about you?

Have you read any of P.G. Kain's books?
How would you answer these questions?
(Remember, no spoilers please!)


  1. This sounds like such fun. I love behind the scenes books too. Small - have you read Jen Calonita's Secrets of My Hollywood Life series? I love those books.

  2. I didn't know a guy wrote this series? How cool is that! I would like to read these books. They have super cute covers and sound right up my alley.

  3. I am really intrigued to check out a series that is written by a guy. What a twist. I can't wait to see how it all works. Thanks for sharing this today, Small!

  4. Oh, I think I need to check these books asap, they sound so good! And you know I love me some tween goodness!

    Great interview, Smallsie

  5. Dumped by Popular Demand looks really cute! I wish I knew some girls in the right age group for these books!


  6. Hey commenters. Thanks for all your kind words. I just wanted to include a post-interview detail. For many years I ghost wrote for an internationally best-selling women's fiction author. When she passed away suddenly due to plastic surgery I went off to write on my own. I loved writing books for women and girls so I decided to stick with what I know.I'd love to hear what you think. Kids never seem to care but adults are sometimes put off by it all.


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