Thursday, January 13, 2011

How could I have done that?!

Today is Thursday, and as some of you may have noticed, Thursday is Spotlight day over here at Small Review. As per my schedule, today you should be reading part three of my Gothic fiction Spotlight series. So why am I barfing up a "discussion" post (read: whine) instead of giving you a nicely ordered list of Gothic goodness?

Because I am a bleeping idiot!

Yeah, like that. 

Tuesday I was sitting at work and, because the weather reports were all predicting a massive Earth-ending snow storm for Tuesday night through Wednesday night, everyone in town panicked and raided the library. They wisely stocked up on books and movies and by four there wasn't much left on the shelves worth taking. So people mostly walked in and then walked out and I didn't have anything to do for the remaining two hours until closing. 

I could have sat on my butt and read for the rest of the day, but instead I figured I'd be all blog responsible and write a few Spotlight posts. And I did. I was a blogging superstar. I knocked out two Spotlights and a book review.Yeah, I was pretty much all

But we all know how that story ended....

That's right, a big whopping sinking boat of fail. 

Here's what I did. I took my super cool Star Trek memory stick thingy and I dutifully saved my work after every letter I typed. I learned my lesson when it comes to saving my work. Take that Disaster Computer Crash of '96! And Power Outage of '99! And You're-a-Cute-Puppy-But-You-Just-Erased-My-Paper Incident of '04! And, ok, fine, whatever, I'm a slow learner. The point is, everything was saved and I was a genius.

So what's the problem then? Well, I skipped on home, made some dinner, got myself all settled in with a stack of books and some movies and that's when I realized it. 

I left the bleeping memory stick at work!

Work. You know, that place that won't be open until  
nine hours after the post is scheduled to be published!

You may be thinking, "But I wrote this on Tuesday, surely there should be time between Tuesday night and Thursday at 12 AM to go into work and retrieve the errant memory stick?"

WRONG! Normally, sure. But the library was closed due to the impending 
Storm of Doom!

This is pretty much all I can say for myself:

I'm sorry!

Because misery loves company, I invite you all to share with me your blogging "I'm a bleeping idiot" stories!
Have you ever deleted a big post? 
Misplaced a review (I've done that!)?  
Referred to an author by the wrong name throughout a post? 
Come on, share you shame stories!




Ok, then.


  1. LMAO!

    Be back to comment when I can breath!

    *dies laughing*

  2. I LOVE the pictures you use! So hilarious!

    And I've actually deleted several reviews after typing them up. I always THINK I've hit the save button, then find out the hard way that I, in fact, did not.

  3. Awwww... and LOL heh~~

    Sometimes I publish a post before I mean to and have some HTML errors because I wasn't being careful.

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books
    Loving the Reviews Challenge

  4. Lol! I'd totally share if I had something funny but sadly the most I've done wrong with my blog is forget to put up a picture or something.

  5. I loved all the pictures! They were HI-larious! :D

    I'm sorry that you left your USB at work. But all of us readers understand! It's ok that you are late on a post and such, it's not the end of the world. We all love your blog anyway!

    I actually did make a stupid mistake on a post once. The book was called Brain Jack, and the author's name was Brian Falkner. Now, I knew I was going to mix up brain and Brian somewhere on in my review. I just didn't know where or when. I emailed the author letting him know that I reviewed his book. I didn't expect a reply so soon, but he emailed me ten minutes later with a response. However, it was later pointed out to me that at the very top of my post for the author's name I did this:

    Author: Brain Falkner

    I was so embarrassed, especially because he read it before I could fix it! I spelled HIS NAME wrong! Oh, and once on another email to an author I spelled her book wrong. Oooops...

    Well, these things happen! :)

  6. this is the funniest post i have read so far and i love the pictures that went with it. i saw myself in you and the errors that i made as well. c",)

  7. I must be a horrible person but whenever something bad happens we always get the funniest stories. And told with the best pictures too. I can't say that I have never had a posting problem though. I can't tell you how many times I have somehow had my posts delete. Many times just because I left the page and forgot to click the save button. Although for me it only happens whey my post is rather long and I am feeling that I have finally worked out blogging.

  8. *hugs*
    *gives cookie*

    I loved all those images.

    With blogger, I hate when it doesn't save my changes. There I go, thinking I had finished a review that just needed a final read through and BAM! I still only have the image and X-Story is---
    It happens way to often.

    LOL, I also often add completely random tags to some posts, and I never even remember doing it.

  9. LOL. Love that Star Trek pic :)

    Sorry you left your USB at work. I have deleted posted or accidentially pressed publish post instead of save draft. You are definitely not alone!

  10. LOOOL such a funny post!! I think you should praise yourself for being so organised and doing it in the first place though! (Even though it's still at work)

  11. I think it's so funny when there is supposed to be "bad" weather and people rush into the library grabbing everything they can get their hands on...acting like we'll never be open again. The last time we were supposed to get hit with quite a bit of snow, a woman called in asking if we had the movie "Storm of the Century" in because she just NEEDED to watch it. Seriously? Haha!

  12. Hahaha this post was just as entertaining as your spotlight post was sure to be, so I don't feel like we're missing anything! And you sound like me, leaving my memory stick at work would definitely be something I would do:)

  13. Missie, Hehehe. Breathe in, breathe out :)

    Alissa, Oh the times I have done that! Though in Blogger it seems to automatically save for me, so I’m more likely to have my screw ups saved.

    Sniffly Kitty, Oh yeah, I’ve done both of those! Even with my obsessive previewing, HTML errors are still constantly slipping through.

    A Canadian Girl, Good for you! :D

    T. B. Aw, you are so sweet! Brian/brain is just asking to be mixed up!

    Aobibliophile, Thanks! :)

    Rebecca, Oh, of course it only happens on long posts or when you’re all pleased with yourself. It is always my masterpieces that I lose. Never the crappy post I end up deleting in embarrassment anyway.

    AnimeGirl, Yay for cookies! Argh evil non-saving Blogger!

    Nic, I’m a complete Star Trek nerd. And Buffy obsessed (first pic, last pic). Oh jeez, I’ve done the publish instead of save too. Then I’m all worried someone saw my crap drafts! Oops!

    Books for Company, Thanks! :P I’ll just tell myself that now I’m scheduled for one extra week. Making me, really, even more awesome than before.

    Jessica, Haha, yep. And you know what we got? About a foot of snow. That’s it. It didn’t even meet the predictions. So underwhelming.

    Jenny, I’m glad to hear it! Now the real test will be whether I remember to take it home with me today or if I leave it there again!

  14. Ha, ha, this post is hilarious!
    Silliest thing I've done... well, it's not that silly, I guess. A couple of times I've been working on a post and hit "publish" instead of "save" meaning my half-finished post went live. And you can go back and delete it, but everyone who reads my blog on a feedreader still ends up seeing it, and I end up getting e-mails, saying, "Hey, what was that mystery post you had, full of misspellings, that suddenly disappeared?"

    Enjoying your "snowcation"? I've been snowed in for 4 days, and I'm starting to go a little cabin crazy!

  15. My screw ups? Too many to mention. Great pics!

  16. LOL..Awww this was a cute post even though it came from stuff getting messed up. I hope everything worked out for you. :) I can't remember doing anything like this to my blog, but I on my youtube account I tried to delete one video, and ended up deleting all of them which most of them hadn't been saved anywhere so yeah.

    Have a nice day!

  17. Hehehe, I feel sorry for you. But at least you have made our day!

    I tend to do stupid things too. One day I was messing around with my blog settings, and I accidentally deleted my entire blog. Luckily Blogger is fool proof, so I had it back within minutes, but I had some massive freaking out going on :D

  18. You are hilarious! I looooved the pictures!

    My biggest snafu was when I switched to Blogger and had to switch all of my Mr. Linkys for reading challenges. I had been doing it on several different posts and I ended up putting the wrong link on one and having to go back and update it TWICE and now every time I go to that site it just stares me in the face and says YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

  19. I still feel particularly stupid about publishing a book review with the title spelled wrong and sending the link to the publicist and having her ask me to change it to the correct title. Awesome. Hope you get back to work soon!

  20. lol! Such a funny post! Sorry, I feel your pain - I really do! While I have never accidentally deleted a review - after some disasters in college, I am very careful with the back up's! But...I did almost delete my whole blog layout once upon a time. Ah yes, this is why I recommended having a back up blog when I participated in Busting the Newbie Blues...

  21. Wow, that sucks. Eep! I guess it's a good thing we don't have snow here.

    The only d'oh *facepalm* thing I've ever done was misspell an author's name in a post.

  22. Can I just say I was just laughing out loud pretty loud. I think I almost woke up one of my wee ones. What? Love this post.

    I know recently I sat to write 5 reviews. Instead I finished just one this proceeded to do nothing. I have no idea what I did on this computer where I couldn't of even finished half of my reviews. What?

    Today I posted a review of a grand Steampunkery Book!  Please do check it out, I highly recommend Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar if you want Steampunkery and a mix of many genres.  A new favorite... indeed a huggable book!

    Mad Scientist
    Steampunkery & Book Reviews
    Forbidden Steam
    Where the Mad Scientist can be found behind the bed chamber doors!

  23. LOL! How on earth do you come up with and find all of the hilarious images that you use for these kinds of posts? Sometimes they are so random and other times they are too fitting.
    Thankfully, I have not yet deleted a post of mine before or made any of those kind of mistakes... yet. Knock on wood.

  24. Oh no! Don't worry--we've all done stupid things from time to time.

    As far as my own personal story goes, I guess I should mention that besides my own blog, I am also a contributor to The Broke & The Bookish. We generally try to have drafts of our reviews up the weekend before we're due to publish them so that they can be proofread. I have been guilty (on more than one occasion!) of accidentally publishing my not-yet-ready post instead of saving it as a draft. D'oh!

  25. Someone just recently pointed me toward -- it lets you share your files betwee computers/devices/the interwebz so this doesn't have to happen! I am in love! Though, I have to say, I really really enjoyed your photo commentary. It made me LOL =)

    As for my awful incident. Well, this isn't really blogging related, but when I was like 12, I was typing a paper on a computer (realllly old school computer) and spilled a big, honkin' glass of water in it. Screwed. Fail. Le sigh.

  26. Madigan, Ah ha! So that’s what all those posts on my feed reader are! Mystery solved. Thank you! Four days of being snowed in! Now that’s a reason to go raid the library. Here we got only around 8-12 inches and it’s supposed to rain in a few days. Totally overblown.

    Alyssa, Haha, I’d never know it looking at your blog :)

    Angelic Nytmare, Everything worked out. Look, I got all these great laughs :) And I actually remembered the memory stick when I went back in, so it’s all good now. Oh my gosh I think I would have had a meltdown! That is terrible about your videos!

    Celine, haha yes! Oh gosh, I’ve been so afraid of doing that! We’re very lucky Blogger backs stuff up and protects us from ourselves :P

    Logan, :D Haha, no you’re not an idiot. That’s understandable! When I did the Newbie Blues linky a few people had trouble with it and I was (eventually) able to figure out how to fix it. I was actually so thankful that people messed up because it made me feel so much better about all the times I did the dumbest things signing up with those linky lists.

    Milissa, Aw, I would be very embarrassed, but I think that’s a pretty common thing to do. I’ve heard a lot of people say they’ve done that and I think the only reason I haven’t yet is just because I haven’t sent any to a publisher yet!

  27. Leanna, I remember! That piece of advice really stuck in my head because it is such a great idea.

    Need-Tea, That’s not bad at all! We barely had snow, and it’s not like we’re someplace that never gets snow. We get snow all the time. We had so many snow storms in my childhood we had to extend school into the summer to make up the time. People have just started freaking out about it lately. It’s really very silly.

    Mad Scientist, Haha I’m glad I made you laugh :) Oh I’ve done that. I sit down with every intention of getting work done and then I end up browsing blogs for an hour.

    Aylee, Lots of time, a variety of search words, and the viewing of a lot of unexpected dirty pictures (seriously, type in the most innocuous words into google’s image search and you’re still bound to find some sort of naked picture). I hope your streak of no blogging mistakes holds! If you’ve made it this far then you must have your head screwed on much tighter than mine (which is pretty easy to do) :P

    Jessi, :) Luckily I haven’t done that yet, but it’s really only a matter of time. When that does happen, now at least I’ll know I’m not alone!

    Casey, I am so going to have to check that out! Thank you! AAh water and computers are not a good combination. Whenever something like that would happen to me with school work it would always be really late at night right before it was due. Never when I had time to rewrite it easily.

  28. LMAO!!!! I may've done this at some point.


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