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Book Review: A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker

A Match Made in High School, by Kristin Walker
Release Date: February 4, 2010
Publisher: Razorbill
Pages: 277

Received: Library book
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars 

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Fiona's high school takes marriage education to the extreme when the principal introduces a mandatory year-long project where students pair up with their assigned spouses and learn how to balance their budgets and compromise. To her horror, Fiona is paired with popular guy Todd. Todd isn't any happier, and the two proceed to prank and humiliate one another. All goes well until Fiona begins to realize shemay not hate Todd as much as she thought she did.


As a die-hard fan of YA click flicks, I adored the premise of this book. She's All That, Ten Things I Hate about You, what can I say, I'm a sucker for a good social group crossing, "I hate you but really I love you" romantic comedy. A Match Made in High School was a match made in heaven for me.

Except, it wasn't. Not exactly. There were parts I really enjoyed. It was a lot of fun watching Fiona and Todd one up each other with their pranks. I also loved the scenes with Fiona's adorable babysitting charge Samantha. And then, of course, the premise rocked. It was executed well and made for some truly laugh out loud moments.

So what's my problem? Fiona. I just didn't like her. She seemed incredibly self-absorbed and judgmental. She does grow throughout the book, but not enough for me to ever really like her. I also didn't love her best friend (who does something decidedly un-best friendish).

Todd turned out to be a pretty likable guy, but it was hard for me to reconcile his earlier behavior with who he was toward the end of the book. It didn't seem so much that he had grown, but that Fiona just learned to accept him as he was and so she looked at him differently. Only thing is, I'm still not sure if I can accept his earlier behavior.

Then there was the romance. There are two parts to a romantic comedy--romance and comedy--and both parts need to be satisfying. A Match Made in High School was fully satisfying in the comedy department, but the romance didn't work for me at all. I didn't like the ultimate pairings, and so the magical, "They finally got together!" ending that *makes* romantic comedies wasn't there for me at all. What a let down.

I've seen mostly glowing reviews for this one, and I can understand them. This really was a fun read. If it were a movie, I would probably adore it. As a book, though, it let me down with the the "unique" (but still predictable) ending and characters I just couldn't respect or connect with. Give it a try though. If you like Fiona, then you'll probably love this book.
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  1. I can see myself not liking Fiona so I probably wouldn't like this book. I only like romantic comedies when they're done really well. If I find one thing I dislike, I find it pretty much ruins the whole thing for me. I'm fickle like that.

  2. Ohh too bad you didn't love it so much, because I agree the plot sounds like the perfect fun!
    I might put in on my list but thanks for your review!!

  3. I initially had zero interest in A Match Made in High School, but it got so much love from Persnickity Snark over the year-end wrap-ups that I thought I ought to give it a try. Your reaction pretty much validates my initial feelings... but if I stumble across it in the library, I'm sure I'll still pick it up :) Thanks for an honest review!

  4. Ahh, it's too bad you didn't like the characters. I love those "I hate you but love you" stories too, but I don't want to hate the characters. =/ If I do come across it though..maybe I'll pick it up just for guilty pleasure?

    Haha, anyway, great review. =)

  5. Aylee, I can gloss over a lot of stuff with romantic comedies, but I can't get over characters I don't like. You don't sound fickle to me.

    Danny, Definitely put it on your list! It's short, so if you don't like it you haven't wasted much time, and it is funny so it wouldn't be a complete wash.

    Katie, Yeah, I've seen a lot of blog love for this book. I can understand it...but...just not for me. I'd recommend it for a library read if you're curious. What do you have to lose?

    Dazzling Mage, Yeah, it really depends on the characters. Give it a try though. If you like the characters then I think you'd like this book.

  6. Well, bummer, maybe I'll wait for the "movie" then. Great review. I always enjoy seeing your "take" on the book.

  7. Thanks for the honest review! Characters are important for me, too. Not liking them does spoil the book.

  8. Gina, I really hope they do make a movie. I think I'd like it a lot more.

    Reading Lassie, You're welcome! Yeah, if the characters aren't people I like I have a hard time getting into a book.

  9. Whew, I thought I'd be the only one! All I've read are very positive reviews for this one.


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