Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tips & Tricks: Where's the Follow Button?

Where's the Follow Button?!

What You Will Learn

Have you noticed the Google Friend Connect button has been going a little wonky lately? As in, disappearing and making you reload the page fifty times before it decides to show up.

This sucks! How are people supposed to follow you if they can't find the follow button?! Easy, you're going to MAKE a follow button! Here's how:

Let's Do This!

Method 1: Create a link

First, go to your dashboard and select Design.

Then select Add a Gadget.

In the list, select the option for adding HTML/JavaScript.

Once you have selected the HTML/JavaScript option, click and drag the box so it sits right below your followers gadget.

click to make larger

Now you need to get the code. Here's what you do:

Go to you Dashboard and click on "Stats" (really, any of those links will work).

Now see the URL? Notice how it says at the end "blogID=" and then a bunch of numbers? Copy that!

click to make larger

Here is the code I used:

<b>If the Follow button isn't showing up, please

<a href="" target="_blank">CLICK HERE</a> to follow :)</b>

The part in PINK is where you will paste your own unique ID number.

Method 2: Create a button

If you'd like, you can get fancy by creating a button. To do this, follow the instructions in my post How to Make a Button. Of course you can ignore the part of the instructions where it shows you how to make the "Grab this button" code (because you don't need anyone to "grab" your follow button!)

You can pick whatever picture you'd like to use, including this one:

Click here to make a request for a future Tips & Tricks post.

The form is anonymous, so please don't feel shy at all!

I'm certainly not an expert, but I'll try my hardest to explain what I do know and research what I don't know.

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  1. GENIUS!!! Get ready for an obscene amount of brain licking!

    Thank you for this post. The disappearing button has been driving me wonky!

  2. You are, in a nutshell, a genius. Seriously...brilliant post! :)

  3. I agree with Missie and Melissa, you are a geninus :)

  4. I love these posts, Small. I *always* learn something new. Thank you for keeping us all up to date!

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  6. LOL! This cracks me up because 2 (or 3) weeks ago I was trying to find your "follow this blog" gadget on your side bar and I couldn't find it. I wanted to make sure I was following because I'm here every day and it just made sense. It's there now! :D I'm an old follower, LOL! It made me feel better though. I tried to do it through a different section of my blogger dashboard and it wouldn't let me. So, that little "Follower" gadget is more important than people think!! Thank you, Small, for the info. It's so helpful with the way blogger has been going nuts lately.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  7. This is so helpful - thank you! My followers widget is forever disappearing! I'm bookmarking this post for future reference. :)

  8. This is an awesome piece of advice!! :D thanks!!!! *hugs*
    *Gives blueberry cupcake*

  9. Ooh, great idea! And, yeah--what's up with the GFC button lately? Very strange. Thanks for the tips!
    Mary @ BookSwarm

  10. Oooh thanks for the tip! I get SO frustrated when the GFC button doesn't work!!

  11. This is pure genius! Thank you so much!

  12. You're all so welcome! If you saw this post earlier today then I was slightly less of a genius. Actually, I was a total fail at genius because the URL source wouldn't work. NOW it is fixed :)

  13. *bookmarks this post for later when I have time* Thanks, Small. The follower widget keeps disappearing so this post is super helpful for fixing that problem.

  14. You've made a complicated process seem so easy! Thank you so much! This is beyond helpful.

  15. This is awesome! It's a bummer that this only works for blogger, though. Still--fantastic idea! I've been fed up with GFC's weirdness! :)

  16. Nice! I need to do this. I am so impressed by how you are able to figure all the sh*t out.

    What an informative post! Keep 'em coming!

  17. I didn't know this could be done! Thank you so much for this alternate follow button!

  18. This is such great advice. My Follow button is always going AWOL.

  19. Glad you all liked this post! Let me know if you need any help with it :)

  20. Thanks!
    I been meaning to do this one since I first saw this post but only just had time.
    So helpful xD

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