Saturday, September 10, 2011

River of Time Giveaway Update!

YOU are awesome!

I've seen reviews, library suggestions, photos of your books, screen caps of your e-book purchases, Facebook posts, tweets, custom made buttons, sidebar postings, even a VIDEO! And that's not all. You are all really stepping up and embracing this giveaway. I am so incredibly thankful for all of your efforts to get this series more exposure!

This giveaway is not about me--it is about the books and getting the word out about them, so please don't feel like you need to follow my blog in order to enter. Following will not increase your odds of winning.

You have THREE more weeks to enter, and remember, you can enter as many times as you promote the series! I love hearing in the comments about all of the things you've done, but please make sure you fill out the form, too, otherwise it will not count as an entry.

That means you can tweet the series, your reviews of the series, my reviews of the series, this giveaway or whatever else you can think of that's RoT-related every day from now until September 28th and fill out the form each time for more chances to win.

Also, if you participate in next week's Waterfall Wednesday, be sure to stop back here and enter your link for another chance to win!

Thirty five people will win, so your odds of winning something are pretty good.

Want more ways to win? Grab any of these buttons (click them to see them large) and put them on your blog, Facebook, webpage, whatever and send me the link for another entry!

This button was made by Eve (This is totally what I'm talking about! You rock, Eve!):

Or, spread the word by posting, Facebooking, tweeting, etc any of these:

Book trailers!

The beginnings of each book!

(I'll teach you how to make you own code to embed PDF documents and youtube videos in a future Tips & Tricks post!)


  1. have I yet to read this series? I'm slacking, aren't I? Fab giveaway :)

  2. I'll put the button on my blog, :)
    I love how much you love this series, even if I haven't gotten them yet, I know I will =)

  3. Melissa, yes you are slacking! :D

    Alex, Thank you!


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